As regards to Islamic scholars within the country(Nigeria) who use all their influence and do everything they can to support the suggestions of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Muhammad Tank who called for the improvement of the status of the Shari’ah law in Nigeria when the amending the relevant sections of the constitution.

The Muslim Imams angrily criticized the outcry that followed the expression of thoughts and try to make it clear to the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) and the main Christian body CAN that Sharia law does not necessarily mean Islamisation of Nigeria, as wrongly perceived.

A onetime Executive Secretary, of the Muslim Ummah of southwest Nigeria (MUSWEN) and as well retired Professor of Islamic Studies, from the propound University of Ibadan, in person of Prof. Dawud Noibi, clearly said: “Section 38 of the Nigerian 1999 Constitution as amended guarantees freedom of religion. The entire life of a Muslim is steered and guided by the laws of his seen (religion). Therefore, it is the responsibility of a nation to put in place a judicial system in Which these laws are interpreted accordingly and issues shall be resolved peacefully,”
He furthermore noted that, The constitution has a provision for the establishment of shari’a Courts which cater for the needs of Muslim citizens. If HURIWA and CAN are not asking that these provisions be removed from the constitution, why are they trying to black paint the CJN for calling for the improvement of the Shari’ah as other laws in force in the country are open to improvement?

“In what any way do the improvement of the use of the Shari’ah for Muslims in the country provoke a non-Muslims? And in what possible way does it bring about violation of the provision of Section 10 of the Nigerian constitution that prohibits the use of a state religion by the country?

CAN President and Prof. Dawud Noibi

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