10 Amazing Psychological Tricks That Helps You Understand People Like a Magician



Probably you have imagined how amazing it could be getting to read the people thought by their posture, signs or body gestures. How novel was your imaginations? Yes, let me tell you; it is possible! There are few persons who use instinct to correctly guess the thoughts and messages of an individual through the body language. Such uncanny abilities to peruse another person unspoken thoughts and decisions are rare and uncommon.

A non- verbal communication gives an advantage of knowing what the other person feels about you without him/her saying anything. The skills to read such gestures and body signals reveal what an individual feel or think regardless of the acting they put up. This is why we thought informing you might not be a bad idea.

Here are some of these amazing tricks;-

  1. LICKING THE ARMS OF THE GLASS: When you see a person licking the arms of the glasses, such a person may be said to be worried about something, subconsciously lost in thought. It could be a pencil, pen or cigarette in the mouth. Such person needs been cheered up.

  1. LEANING BACK ON THE CHAIR: If a person leans back on the chair in the middle of a conversation, this is a message of discomfort with the presence of the other conversant.
  2. PLACING THE LEGS ON DESK: This gesture could be ambiguous, it may pass for disrespect, bad manners, or arrogance. Somehow, a person may place his legs on the desk to show the boss. However, in some rare occasion, it may be health wise.
  3. FIDDLING / PLAYING WITH A WORN SHOES: If a woman plays with shoes she worn, this is an invitation to notice his legs. She could be sitting cross-legged to show calmness and composure. This acts drawn attention easily.
  4. EYE LOCKING/ CONTACT; Maintaining eye contact is a great way to read the feelings and emotions in the other person eyes. Lovers lock eyes searching for love and passion. In such moment, the pupil gets bigger than normal and may be accompanied by a momentary gazing at each other eye. Meanwhile, if a person is angry, the eyes are red and get smaller compared to the normal state.
  5. RUBBING THE CHIN: People do this when they are battling to make a decision. They may be looking to the sides, up or down or anywhere. They could be seen staring at something where as they are lost in thought.
  6. FOLDING THE ARMS: Perhaps arm- folding is the most common human gestures. It could be a very comfortable position to fend oneself away from others. It is a powerful gesture to show irritation and displeasure at something.

  1. SHAKING THE KNEES WHILOE SITTING: It is a common sight whether at home, park or offices to see people shaking their knees while sitting. Such portrays impatience, lack of calmness and composure.
  2. SWINGING FROM HEELS TO TOES AT THE SAME TIME: Both the young and the old does this. It is a reflective action showing anxiety and worries over something.
  3. COVERING THE MOUTH WITH THE HANDS: This is an attempt at guiding the statement from being heard by another person the message is not directed to. Using the palm or the fingers to cover the mouth helps to hush the tone of the speaker.


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