6 Foods People With Inflammation Should Avoid



Contrary to what you have heard, inflammation isn’t the gravest illness. Without inflammation response, recovering from wound might not be possible. What’s bad is a chronic inflammation which its effects could be adverse against the health.

To a healthy body, inflammation serves a friend and protector to our body. It’s overreaction of the cells that makes inflammation works against the body.

This article seeks to focus on the food to avoid for those with inflammatory disease in order to checkmate what they eat so as to put the diseases in check.

Whatever we put into our mouth has effect on the body. Succinctly put, how a body functions could be determined by the food it takes. In this regard, the essence of food cannot be over emphasised in the body. This is why you must be cognizant of what you take as an inflammatory disease patient.

  Here are 6 foods to avoid ;

  1. REFINED FOOD : Be it grain, corn or pastries, anything refined is not health wise. In the process of refinement, these stuffs gets removed of healthy stuffs. Taking a refined food might spike up the sugar levels which stimulate and boost the inflammatory response. This is not good for you.
  1. EXCESS ALCOHOL: While moderate consumption of alcohol supplies some health benefits, the same cannot be said of extreme consumption which could cause severe problems. It could cause widespread of inflammation and may even lead to organ damage.
  1. PROCESSED MEAT: Processed meat is strongly connected to high risk of heart disease, stomach cancer, and diabetes. There’s a compound called Advanced glycerin end products (ages) that stimulates an elevation in inflammatory response which could worsen the health.
  1. TRANS FAT: Trans fats is at the top of the unhealthiest food you can eat. Artificial trans fats have a strong link to high inflammatory disease and an higher risk of cancer.
  1. HIGH SUGAR: Sugar, quite interestingly, is arguably the unhealthiest food in existence. Contrary to popular belief that obesity was the primary cause of diabetes, the recent research has upbraided that by revealing that sugar an higher contributory effects on diabetes beyond earlier thought. Sugar and high fructose syrup shouldn’t be a person with inflammatory disease delight.
  1. OIL: There are definitely some oil rich in fatty acids : soybean, safflower etc which set a marker for inflammation. However, it’s very advantageous to take Omega-3. In fact, where as Omega – 6 is bad, Olive oil is wonderful at fighting inflammation.

These are foods not advisable for consumption for persons with inflammation. We hope you found it educative. Stay healthy!


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