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When our heart is disturbed, several mental disorder is bond to exist, one of which is very common is depression. It’s normal to affirm that we all experience some of these circumstance from time to time. According to National Institute of Mental Health, the statistics on depression in the United States are very frightening. In 2016, 16.2 million U.S. adults had at least one major depressive episode. Depression is most times caused by personal factor which often affects the mental health. It can make someone loose pleasure in anything you do. When you’re depressed, it is sometimes impossible to get out of the mindset.

When you suffer depression, you’re unhappy and have a low morale to do things. It was opined that consistent problems like several years without employment, when you are into an abusive or a relationship that lack caring, loneliness and time consuming work stress  are more likely to bring depression than regular life stresses. Although, circumstance like losing a job or a combination of events can ‘trigger’ depression if you’re already at risk because of previous bad experiences or self factors. These birth emotional disorderliness and increase the curiosity. When you go through any of the bad incident with a fair state of mind, it kills the morale and change the narrative, hence often difficult to overcome.

There are personal factors that lead to depression like genetics whereby a relative or family member suffer from depression and cause increment of risk to others. Also, mental illness is another personal factor that is due to the fact that someone would like to channel his or her energies towards getting rid of a mental illness thereby leading to depression. The factors are personal but in the long run affects the brain and cause depression most especially when it takes much time to phantom. In fact, some people are the type that worries a lot and this make them prone to depression.  These factors often affect the way the brain regulate the moods.

Some signs to notice when you’re in depression are briefly explained thus:


Depression always make you loose focus. You will feel like to do things in a lesser way and ineptly without being committed. The manner with which you concentrate to issues whether at workplace or home reduce drastically and your attention slows often. It is healthy to always calm the nerves and pay a good attention to the emotions in order to curb such symptom.


When you’re weak, tired, exhausted and lack energy or strength to work things out. When you posses the inability to have a good rest or you have a sacrosanct feelings that weaken your mind which make it difficult for you to get yourself satisfied. Such is a sign of being in depression that is why those with depression always find it hard to wake up from sleep most times. When you notice such symptom, it is needed to have a balance diet and engage in sporting exercise. Also, you need to limit the schedule during the day.


Perhaps you’re such a gentle dude that always make it to gathering and have a gist. But when you always feel like to be alone and isolated, it’s a sign of depression. When you feel like being far from people and don’t wish to spend time discussing any issue with anybody, you’re into depression. Meanwhile, being in isolation is never the alternative to cure depression but rather, it would increase it and make it more worse because you will be alone with your thoughts and you won’t be liable to be medicated even it is pertinent that you go for treatment.

When you notice this sign, you need to try and make it out with people even if it will be uncomfortable to you. Always try to discuss it with people so that you can learn new paradigm of tackling it.


Anybody can be sad at anytime due to one reason or the other but people who are depressed always feels the emotion regularly. When you feels sad, hopeless and ridiculed always, it is a sign of depression. The state of such emotion make it seems like you are down and dejected. You won’t be comfortable with life and will always thinks of negativity. You can reduce it by getting in touch with the right people and heeding to their recommendations. Also, you need to understand your feelings and have a good meditation over time.


When you’re always afraid to display your ability or when you don’t feel like you’re capable, you’re being in state of depression. Many people with depression find it difficult to take up any challenge as they sees themselves incapacitated. Depression can make you feel like you’re poor in sensitivity whilst sensibility and discourage the sense of belonging to act positively. However, this emotion can be taken care of with proper methods. You need to know that you can be a problem solver and always be ready to elucidate any complex task. This needs self motivation and accomplishments.


Depression can make you hate what you like and enjoy.  People with depression just feel like things do not bring pleasure any longer. They have the feelings of not interested in doing their favorites. When you wish to go to a party but do not necessarily sees any pleasure therein or when you want to play games and it seems insurmountable. This emotions makes people feel bored and hence lead to depression. When you notice you are not longer interested in friendship, relationship, fun, being with your family and friends, playing games or other activities, you need to engage into positive thoughts like self mediation and get medications from expert too so that you can get back to your normal health status and be comfortable.


Depression brings pains like headache. When you are depressed and hopeless, the body would be weak and you get worried. This can lead to pains that can affect the body system. It was reported that at least 40% of people with migraines also suffer from depression. Migraines and depression have relative support in the brain, which can develop due to environmental factors, genetic causes, or a combination of both. So when you notice this sign, aside of getting medication or drugs from the medical expert, you need to also be watchful of your emotions.

So, these symptoms are examined to birth depression. Depression can therefore be caused by some of the following;


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is most commonly associated with winter blues, and it afflicts about 5% of America. Warm weather depression arises when the body experiences a “delay adjusting to new seasons”, Alfred Lewy, MD, professor of psychiatry at Oregon Health and Science University, in Portland said.


Where you live sometimes determine the state of depression. Research has it that those that live in rural areas have a lower risk than ones living in urban areas. It is explained that those living in the city go through much stress and difficulties hence their tendencies of having depression than those of the rural places.


Do you spend much time in media conversion or being online making networking? Are you a chronic Facebook or Instagram handler? If so, you’re prone to be into depression. Those that are consistent with social media find it difficult to be time free and have limitation to real life conversation. It can lead to change of mood at any time.


Some people have the personality of being highly sensitive with troubled childhood. Some traits are traced to be linked with depression which are often difficult to overcome.


When you seems to be of low rank in your society or community and tends to have social pain that weaken the charisma. Like being unemployed, or poorly articulated. You feel embarrassed, rejected and shameful which can cause depression.


Too much of stress can lead to depression. When you are unable to have enough time to mediate and cool your nerves. Also, when you do not have much opportunity to rest or entertained, you’re liable to be in depression.


Someone with mental illness can easily get depressed. The time spent and stress that you will go through in managing a mental illness will result to having depression whereby you won’t be able to get over the pain with ease.


We are all not alike and sometimes it’s  a combination of factors that can lead to depression. It’s thereby fundamental to remember that you can’t always identify the cause of depression or change difficult circumstances. The necessary thing is to recognise the signs and symptoms and seek for assistance and recommendations .

Resources: powerofpositivity.com

Image credit: Medicalnewstoday.com


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