Provens Ways To Relieve Knee Pain


If you suffer from knee pain, poor mobility and chronic pain can impair your ability to stay active and participate fully in life as you age. Because physical activity is very useful for mind, body and spirit, it is also one of the strongest ways to support healthy aging … so knee pain is a critical problem.



Acupuncture has been well studied, and many research experiments support its effectiveness in pain reduction, stiffness of joints, and physical disability due to arthritis. Most people with arthritic knee pain who undergo a series of acupuncture sessions have great rest within a few weeks. The results are best when combined with one or more of the tips below.

Many patients have been able to delay knee replacement surgery with a cycle of acupuncture sessions. Others have chosen regular acupuncture treatments as an alternative to surgery. Everyone will get a different result, but I suggest you try it. Ask your friends or doctor to refer you to an acupuncture specialist in your area.


Many powerful supplements have been shown to reduce inflammation and relieve joint pain. Curcumin is one of the most learned, Curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric spices. Use spices, of course, but for a therapeutic dose, you’ll need to take curcumin in capsule. It is most effective when delivered in emulsification (gel cover, suspended in oil).

Typical dosage: 1000-1500 mg, three times a day. Maintain this dose for the first 5 days, then gradually taper the dose to about 400 – 500 mg per day for overall health and wellness.

** Do not take curcumin if you take thinner blood.


Eliminate refined sugar! You know what to avoid – things like cookies, biscuits, candy, soft drinks, fruit juices and sauces like barbecue and ketchup (containing added sugar) are examples of what to keep away from. Note about natural sugars in fruit: Fructose is a sugar that occurs naturally in fruit. While fruit contains many beneficial plant nutrients, consuming too much fruit can increase inflammation in the body. My contact for most people is to limit daily fruit consumption to a maximum of 2 small servings per day. Fresh berries are a good choice.


Chronic pain is aggravated by insufficient sleep, and sleep disorder is often the result of chronic pain. When you fail to get enough sleep, your sensitivity can become severe. Your body needs deep rest to repair stressful tissues even from simple everyday activities. Many women with knee pain suffer from this vicious cycle. Intervention that treats both (pain and insomnia) gives the best results.

Recovery occurs when the hormones and the nervous system are in a state of relaxation, referred to as sembatoid dominance. In this case, your body prepares to repair, replenish and nourish itself. So, by stimulating this response to relaxation, you will not only reduce the pain but also create a state of self-healing physiology in your body … and your knees will thank you!


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