What Nail Biting Says About Your Personality


Are you one of the nail biters? Do you care to know what it literally means and the assumed reflection on your personality? Onychophagia is the medical term for the habit of nail biting.  It is a habit where people do not have control over their willingness to bite their nails. Some people refer such attitudes to be harmful that it can cause physical disorderliness.  Meanwhile the act of biting nails can sometimes best be regarded to desire of the nail-biter to satisfy his or her curiosity while some people tried to stop it but they have not been successful.  People often wonder the benefits of biting nails as it is perceived to be emotional traits although nail biting seems automatic whereby you do it without thinking or going through any form of emotional touch.

According to a study, perfectionism is traced to be the root of nails biting.  When researchers carry out survey on reasons that led to nail biting; they got informed about different emotions that warrant such attitude like frustration, loneliness, depression and impatience.  Sometimes, people who tend towards perfectionism have a certain mental nature for how effective they can be and how creative people should see them. If a nail biter is exposed to a situation that takes much of their time and yet have not complete the task given in a timely manner, they ended up being bored and have the thirst of biting their nails so also in some other cases, hence they are referred to as perfectionist because they are unable to relax and perform task at a normal pace. Also, it is psychologically observed that, if a person feels guilty deep within for some reason, they tend to punish themselves by hurting themselves in this manner.

On this note, after talking about the rudiments of nails biting, it is therefore essential to elucidate its effects and study.


When you see a nail biter, their nails are damaged and make it look unattractive as the appearance of the hands would be unhygienic. The skin of the nails of a nail-biter can easily get infected and may cause feelings like embarrassment, guilt and shame.  They would feel rejected or not respected even though, it is sometimes due to anxiety or mental request. In fact, it should be noticed that nails biting can leads to transmission of viruses and bacteria to the face and mouth. When you bite your nails, you would not know what might be hiding on your fingers which will easily extend to your mouth.  Some factors that prompt biting of nails can be avoidable with behavioral treatment as the case may be instead of allowing the habits of nails biting to serve such purpose. When you continuously bite your nails, it leads to deformation of the nail beds so also it can cause jaw problem and even break the teeth.  The cause of nails biting is studied to be lack or excess of stimulation. This can be reduce/stop through various ways like:

  1. Determination: If you are a nail biter and wish to control the habit, it is necessary that you keep focus and determined such as you will always caution yourself anytime you wish to bite your nails. It maybe a condition that you will mount on such action so that you would desist.
  2. Avoidance of Personal factor: It is observed that some factors like emotions leads to the habit of nails biting therefore it is necessary to properly get rid of it by understanding the body mentality.
  3. You can also get away with nail biting by getting the mouth busy perhaps with chewing gum or any other things.

The knowledge of nail biting is pivotal after which the nail biter can look inwards to ways on how it can be personally treated before medical therapy.

Resources: powerofpositivity.com Image credit: steptohealth.com


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