10 Quotes to remember when you feel Stuck


10 quotes to remember when you feel Stuck

Have you ever felt that you are “stuck” in life?
Getting stuck is happening to all of us. Yes, even the happiest, most successful and creative people get lost from time to time. It is something everyone experiences. What distinguishes the happiest and most successful people from those who are still stuck is the ability to find strength and the will to continue moving anyway. When you think about it, if you move, you will not be stuck after all.

Down everyone wants to make the necessary changes to live a better and happier life. The problem is that it ends up being stuck in the details of everyday life that leads us to do more of the same thing because what we know.

Being stuck is not as much a circumstance as it is a choice. We need a deep search to find the will and the courage to bring about change even when it is difficult, and there is no doubt that change is difficult.
You may be inspired by a person, a letter, a book, or even a good reading of your favorite inspirational quotations. Wherever you find your inspiration, the goal is to take one small action to roll the ball.

Remember these quotes when you feel stuck:
“The chains that keep you tied to the past are not someone else’s actions, they are anger, stubbornness, ruthlessness and jealousy, and they blame others for your choices, it’s not the other people who keep you trapped; it’s the role of the victim you enjoy wearing. When you know what this reward is, you will finally be on its way to freedom. “~ Shannon Elder

But there was a difference between falling in check and choosing to stay. Between that find and find yourself. “~ Martina Bonn, coercion
“The choices may be incredibly difficult, but they are never impossible, saying that you have no choice but to free yourself from responsibility and that is not what an honest person does.” – Patrick Nice, Men’s Monsters
“What I’m trying to do is focus on the individual steps, the moments you want, let them One to the other. “The vision that appears in the end may not be exactly what you are thinking, but it will be the right vision for you, because you have done the work and taken the necessary action.” Glazman, Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

“As long as you move, it’s easier to direct.” ~ Anonymous
“Most of the things that prevent us are not things we can not do, but the things we refuse to learn.” ~ James Wesley, Conquer Entrepreneur Kryptonite: Simple Strategic Planning for You and Your Business
“Your time is limited, so do not waste life in someone else’s life.” Do not confuse faith – that lives with the results of other people’s thinking … Do not let the voice of others’ opinions sink your inner voice … More importantly, you have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

“If you have a problem in the past, go ahead in the opposite direction” ~ Josh Stern
“There are two paths that one can choose in the course of life: one is born with him, one is consciously raised, one is naturally true, the other is a conscious illusion, choose wisely every fork in the way.” ~ T.F. Hodge, from within the ascension: a spiritual triumph over death and conscious interviews with the “divine presence”

“If we stay where we are, where we are stuck, where we are comfortable and safe, we die there … We are like mushrooms, we live in darkness, with a tube up to our chin.If you want to know only what you already know, If no oxygen can find a way, you will die, but the new is scary, and the new one can be disappointing and confusing – We have discovered all this, and now we have not done it.The new is life. “~ Ann Lamut, they helped thanks oh wow: the three basic prayers

Whether you find inspiration at one of these prices or not, the goal is to find them somewhere to keep moving. Life is too short to stay stuck in the same place, especially when this place does not feed your soul. Make a choice to give up on yourself and do whatever it takes to take a step. Sometimes this is the first step out of the mud; this is the most rewarding.


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