11 Signs that you are with a good man


11 Signs that you are with a good man
Do not waste more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one. Marcus Aurelius

As men, one of our duties is to be courteous to those we face. Perhaps no one is related to this more – and to a higher degree – than your partner. Women expect to deal with a man with a high personality and is likely to get married.

Most people agree that good men include some behavioral traits throughout the relationship. This leads to the following question: What are the personality traits that make up the “good man”? Well, there are already a lot of them. We have succeeded in narrowing the “signs” of a good man down to 11.
In any given order, there are 11 signs indicating that you are with a good man:

Makes you feel beautiful (inside and outside).
As his partner, a good man will never forget to make you feel beautiful. A good man does not just say words, but he is successful in showing the feelings of beauty within your heart. This includes how you interact with you physically and mentally.

It brings a sense of inspiration.
A good man will always have a strong and unshakeable personality. As such, by default, a man is inspiring in his words and actions. He never ceased to evoke feelings of inspiration. A good man will inspire women to be the best copy of herself.

It is more supportive than many not.
A good man realizes the importance of staying supportive and accommodating to the needs of women. This does not have to be “yes man”, but as a man can provide support and accommodation when the situation requires it.

Always seek self improvement.
A good man does not really give himself much credit. Although it may be smart, a good man always seeks to improve himself; whether by learning something new, assuming additional responsibilities, or getting into a better position, the good man is proud to be better.

Makes you feel safe and secure.
A sense of safety and security is vital to any woman in her relationship. It is the man’s duty to make sure these feelings exist. In the event of something unfortunate, a man will always stand up for and defend the woman.

Always seems to be doing “little things”.
Open the door, pull the chair, feed the children, etc., all trademark procedures for a good man doing small things. He is always busy not stopping what he is doing and offering a small gesture of help.

It is sincere and sincere.
A good man will not lie or cheat or steal, especially for someone who loves the most in the world. The good man should not feel any hesitation in telling him as he is, whether he is good or bad.

It is no longer offensive to you or anyone else.
A good man will never be physically, mentally or emotionally abusive to his partner. Start. Also, a good man will not incite an abusive episode with anyone else under any circumstances. Instead, a good man will use the power of his personality and intellect to resolve conflicts.

Stand by you fully.
When a righteous man crosses his love, this love remains thick and thin. Under no circumstances will a man favor you, even in the most challenging situations. A good man will not give up his duty to stand beside you.

It works to earn, maintain, and trust.
A good man understands that trust, like love, can not be forced; it must be earned. After gaining the trust of the holy woman, the good man takes this blessing for granted. Moreover, a good man does not leave his trust in doubt.

It jumps first in all circumstances.
This does not mean that he cares and satisfies every woman. This means, in most cases, that the good man will be selfless in his words and actions. It is the responsibility of a man to place his wife in the first place – that often means good.
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