5 Attributes that men like about women more than a good look


5 attributes that men like about women more than a good look

“Anyone who says he can see through women is missing.” – Groucho Marx

Everyone appreciates a person with a good appearance. Appearance is not everything. There are things men find particularly appealing to women who go beyond their appearance. Of course, many men are initially attracted by what they see abroad. On the other hand, some men are attracted to women through things other than their appearance.

In fact, some men find that these special features are more attractive than their appearance perfectly. If you’re wondering what attracts men to you – or even, if you’re wondering what you can do to attract more men in your life – consider promoting or working on them in yourself. They are all positive – so you will feel comfortable with yourself, and you will benefit from your relationships everywhere!

5 Attributes About Love Of Women (More Than Good Looks)

  1. Good personality
    This seems like someone who does not like to think, because everyone likes someone who has a good personality. However, a charming personality with humor can replace the attention of men with external appearances altogether. Being able to communicate with someone is a basic human need, and having a personality that matches your personality is a great way to create a real and lasting connection.
    The spirit of humor goes hand in hand with a good personality. Being able to laugh at yourself (or he) – in a nice way will make you feel more comfortable and comfortable around each other. If you are relaxed, like joking, and love to laugh, a lot of men will be completely enchanted and you will find yourself starting to form a good connection.

  1. Good listener
    Hearing requires more than just hearing what a person is saying and waiting for your turn to enter the conversation. The active listener takes what his partner says, treats it, and provides observations and conversations about the words spoken to them. Some men have a problem with this too, but all men appreciate a good listener woman.
    When active listening skills appear, your partner is more prone to the ideals, because they feel they have heard. Being a good listener will not only benefit you in your emotional life, but in all areas of your family and family relationships.

Men appreciate women who are willing to settle and negotiate the issue. Staying rigid in something is a good way to cause tension and tension in any kind of relationship, but in particular a romantic relationship. Settlement does not mean giving up your position completely. This does not mean giving up all that your man wants!
The settlement works together to find a solution that benefits both parties – and compromises work in both directions! The settlement benefits from the long term relationship and gives you the skills to communicate and work through your problems.

If you are a woman who needs to make lists and tables and has everything planned up to the second, you may want to think of a little relaxing. Be able to roll with punches and take chronic accidents, a trait that many men like in a woman.
Being spontaneous is also about random acts of love, kindness and appreciation. It’s also about being able to enjoy when a man plans a surprise vacation, or shows up with flowers in your office. Being spontaneous is one way to keep every spark alive in a relationship.

Women who have what they do with their achievements proudly are women who find men attractive regardless of their appearance. This does not mean that you have a prestigious job or autobiography – it just means you know what you want and do not be afraid to go out and get it. Being happy with who you are and feeling good in your life is enough to excite a man’s attention.
There is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows who she is and what she wants from life, no matter what it may be. Realizing your ability to realize your dreams will make you feel comfortable too! Be confident of who you will strengthen your feelings, and will be a positive force in all your relationships.

Men may be infamous in the media and popular culture simply for the sake of appearance – but this can not be further from the truth. There are a lot of things about women that men like, and all the features can be found in anyone, regardless of sex! Learn about the things that make you attractive beyond your appearance. Once you are able to harness them, they will be irresistible to men in your life, and will attract more positive effects to surround you.


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