My Top 33 Digital Marketing Blogs


33 of the most important digital marketing blogs and e-mail pools in which Convince and Convert have joined and read routinely.


From MediaBistro, this publication is dedicated to everything that happens on Facebook. They also have a Twitter version, but I find that Facebook just changes its mind enough to guarantee a platform code that I will be prepared daily.

Savant brand

Reflections on data, statistics, marketing and business from Tom Webster of Edison Research. Unfortunately, Tom does not write as often as I want. The good news is that he is a guest guest at Convince & Convert at times


This blog has gained tremendous popularity in a short period of time because the content is great, objective and useful. A proud investor in this company, I

Content Content Strategy

I really admire these guys. Powerful information every day to market advanced content.

Content Marketing Institute

The power of content marketing industry. Strong information and insights, delivered daily. Wonderful work by Michelle Lin and their editorial team maintain a consistently high quality on this multi-blog authors. I look forward to seeing you in Content Marketing World soon (I’m speaking on Wednesday, September 10th).

Duct marketing adhesive

From John Lynch and occasional guest contributors, everything published here is worth studying. We work mostly with medium and large companies in Convince & Convert, but I still learn a lot from Duct Tape and its small and small sensitivities. John’s New Book: Selling the Killer Bar Movies Too.


From my friend, author, speaker, Professor Mark Schaeffer and a good crew of guest writers. {Grow} is a place to find conversations about topics that are not covered in the most news-focused blogs. Also a great example of a multi-author blog that somehow maintains a static editorial voice.

Igniting the means of social communication

I do not read that many blogs are written by one agency, but it seems that Jim Tobin and the crew at Ignite are constantly finding interesting ways I do not see them anywhere else. Bravo! Jim’s book “Make It, Do not Buy It” is full of truth, too. (I got writing provided).

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LinkedIn Pulse

The daily email I receive from LinkedIn Pulse consistently contains links to the written blog posts (usually on the LinkedIn basic system) that I want to read, but people I do not read well. Great also to discover new talent and new sounds.

Marketing agency insider

About 50% of our consulting work at Convince & Convert is on behalf of the agencies. Paul Roetzer and his team at PR20 / 20 write this widely useful blog on all things digital agencies offer. Great advice from trenches. Paul has a great new book (a lot of these days!) Called the “marketing performance chart”


Maybe I’ve received my favorite email every day (other than Quartz, which did not list this because it’s not about digital marketing). PSFK looks like Willy Winka’s marketing. Amazing case studies and super interesting experiences from around the world. I find tons of examples of my Youtility of the main speeches of PSFK.


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