Top 10 Marketing Tools For 2019


Whether the company has a small marketing budget or a huge budget, there are tools that can help with its efforts – and some can be used for free. In fact, there are many tools by which you can spend more time getting to know them all than you already do in your marketing efforts. To help you find the most useful and productive tools out there, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 marketing tools for 2017.


If you have already tried to master Photoshop and you have not managed it, you will love Canva. This is a graphic design tool for people who are not graphic designers and one of their big advantages is that they have a great range of ideas to use. Would you like to draw Pinterest to advertise your latest product? Then you can use one of the templates and share pictures and change the wording.


Hootsuite is a program for scheduling social media makes it easy to publish on social media regularly. You can use three free accounts and there are many upgrade options if you need more. It has applications to be used through smartphones and browser application makes sharing the content you see on the Internet much easier.


BuzzSumo puts it on most of the best marketing tools lists because it helps you understand one of the ever-changing areas of marketing – keywords. You can see online trends and keyword performance across the most recent and longer time frames through the tool. You can also see things like social posts and other features received by the content to see what works well. It also helps you find influencers, a big part of many marketing strategies right now. You can find out who is talking about your topics, then look to approach them to work with your brand.

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Grammarly is the next step until the built-in spelling and grammar checker that you find in most word processing programs. Although it is not a digital marketing tool in the strict sense of the word, it is important to ensure that all your marketing efforts are well written, correct grammatical and punctuated punctuation correctly. The program is free to use although there are limits and you can upgrade it to get a premium subscription and help like information about each error.


MissingLttr is another way to automate the marketing of social media and make the whole process less time consuming. The program takes the publications you’ve added to social media and uses it to create a campaign where snippets of content are used to create unique publications on the subject. So instead of simply re-sharing the same content every time, it shares new content that increases the chances that someone will see a piece of interest.


No matter what type of business you are dealing with, there is one thing for sure – the need to schedule tasks and remember to do them. This is where Asana comes. The program is a project management software and much more advanced than just a task list – you can create projects and add tasks and even sections within your project to assign these tasks. So you can create a section for each client, for example, and list the tasks to do for that client, such as posting a blog post, updating social media, or sending email newsletters.


Moz offers a set of tools, some of which are free and some are part of its subscription service. One of the most famous is through the Moz Bar with its own ratings for sites – the domain authority or DA is one of the criteria used to determine the reliability of any particular Web site. They also provide a keyword search tool, search engine optimization services, SEO crawling and background link research as well as a host of other marketing resources that can help businesses of all sizes.


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