College Consensus Publishes Online College rankings With The Best ROI For 2019


College Consensus Publishes Online College rankings With The Best ROI For 2019
Online colleges are a common choice for students today for a variety of reasons, such as flexible scheduling, appropriate formatting, and accelerated terminology. But one of the best reasons students choose online degree programs is the ability to return on investment. Online certification programs are often an affordable way for professionals to advance their careers, gain promotion, and make profitable career changes. The college consensus refers to highlighting online college and university programs that are known to provide significant ROI in their ranking among 50 online colleges with the best return on investment for 2019
Schools in 50 online colleges with the best return on investment are all accredited institutions and have been classified according to their return on investment according to the Payscale account, from top to bottom. The top 50 complete (in alphabetical order) are:
Baker College
Bemidji State University
California State University of Applied Arts – San Luis Obispo
California State University of Applied Arts – Pomona
California State University – East Bay
California State University – Fresno
Colorado School of Mines
Columbia College
University of Dakota
Dickinson State University
Fashion Institute of Technology
Ferris State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Lua State University
University of Lamar
Michigan State University of Technology
Central Georgia State University
Midwestern State University
University of Minnesota-Mankato
Minot State University
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Montana Technical University of Montana
Mount Carmel College of Nursing
Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Health Assistants
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
University of North Dakota
Oklahoma State University
Oregon Institute of Technology
University Park
Peruvian State College
St. Cloud State University
San Jose State University
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Texas Tech University
University of Texas at Arlington
University of Texas
University of Alabama at Huntsville
University of Alaska Fairbanks
University of Houston
University of Minnesota Croxton
University of Minnesota Twin Cities
University of Wisconsin – or Clare
University of Wisconsin Platville
University of Wisconsin Stout
University of Wyoming
University of Utah
Baptist University of
Weber State University
West Texas A & M University
University of Youngstown
“The college consensus has always focused on the big picture, creating a way to ensure that students and their families have the broadest view of the higher education landscape,” the authors wrote. But when it comes to focusing on the big picture, “one of the most important aspects of getting a college degree is to make sure that the certificate pays off in practice.” Return on investment is an important way to think about obtaining a university degree, “note editors”, especially with the high debt student loans and become a more competitive labor market. “As the Editors of the College Consensus noted,” a certificate in something you love “may be your reward, but earning a living from it is a real measurable reward.”
The ranking of higher colleges in return on investment, consensus, “is dedicated to guide students to institutions that have proved that they can not only calculate themselves, but change people’s lives already with online education.” Consensus uses the PayScale formula to calculate return on investment, “based on a formula that takes into account the cost of the class, and the amount of income the graduate can achieve with the degree of what he would have earned without the grade.” Focusing the consensus on reputable accredited institutions helps guide students to courses that will have a real and positive impact.
College Consensus is a new approach to college classifications. We collect the latest results from the most respected university ranking systems with thousands of degrees of real student review.


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