7 Top Latest and fastest Cars In 2019


1. 2020 LEXUS RCF TRACK EDITION Will Cost You $ 97,675

7 Best Latest Car in 2019

We never liked Lexus RCF love. Despite the soundy V-8 engine, its heavyweight is one of the reasons why it has not faced rivals such as the Cadillac ATS-V and the BMW M4. For 2020, Lexus is strengthening the RC F sports appeal, reducing weight and revising gorge maps. It also adds a new version of Track, which we now know will be priced at $ 97675.
RC F will arrive in the dealerships soon, says Lexus. The standard RC F prices will start at $ 65,775. By comparison, the BMW M4 Coupe starts at $ 70,145, and the competition adds $ 4,750.

2. BMW 7 Series Salon 2019

BMW 7 Series Salon (2019 -) Review
The BMW 7 Series is the luxury saloon for the company and is designed to attract those who sit in the back of the car just like those who drive their cars. Thus, they compete directly with the Audi A8, Mercedes S-Class, Lexus LS and Jaguar XJ.

The front end of the BMW 7 Series will be divided into view, because the huge network that can not be missed face-to-face will appear in an eye-catching image of some people, dazzling others. Then again, those overly inflated gills – and the slim LED headlights – feature the seven apart from the more modest BMW models.

3. Honda CR-V: “If You’re Looking For a Luxury Family SUV, This is Not a Smart Game”

Honda CR-V: “If You’re Looking For a Luxury Family SUV, This is Not a Smart Game”

Honda CR-V: “If You’re Looking For a Luxury Family SUV, This is Not a Smart Game”
Through diligence and practical application similar to the workers, the CR-V will not appeal to seekers of excitement, but in its own way is considered a champion
Honda CR-V
Price is £ 27855
The maximum speed is 130mph
0-62 mph 9.3 seconds
MPG 44.8
CO2 143g / km

It’s been some time since I picked up the park. Such as tapioca and cola preferred by lemons, seem to no longer exist. But Chico was standing by the checkpoint at Luton Airport, extending the thumb. A photographer from Lisbon, was hoping to lift the M1 to central London. He was thought to have been on British soil for less than two hours, but he was able to steal his luggage. He said: “I have lost my bag to make a call,” after climbing gratefully, “then boofoff … gone!” All he had was his phone. He told me the name of his hotel and decided to lead him to the actual door, as a kind of pro-man and pro-EU statement.

4. Find Out About The New Fiat, Lancia And Abarth Treasures Box

Find Out About The New Fiat, Lancia And Abarth Treasures Box
Over the years, we have offered lots of barns filled with precious stones in cars. This is not what you know from outside. They all tend to be in huge sheds, and wonderful in some forgotten industrial areas. Click these blue words to see what we mean. But there is now a huge new barn unparalleled in some forgotten industrial areas. It is fantastically Italian and full of some of the finest Fiat, Lantia and Abarthes at all. If you are one of them, it may be just a paradise.

It is called the Heritage HUB, the new FCA storage facility for various brand legends. Basically, there are lots of beautiful goodies under one roof. Do not worry, we have already asked to see for ourselves to get a little deeper.

5 New Mercedes GLB: baby G-wagen finally arrives

image credit:- www.carmagazine.co.uk

Baby G-Class? You sure?

Oh, come on – look at it! Tall and boxy proportions and loads of body cladding, but with rounded edges and some much more modern touches? It’s like the G and an A-Class had a baby, the end result being something like a liger or a zonkey.

Anyway, we got a good look at the GLB after Mercedes pulled the covers off the concept car in May 2019; though the integrated roof-mounted fog lights and knobbly off-road tyres may have gone, pretty much everything else has remained. The boxy space is hugely beneficial to the interior, allowing for a 560-litre boot space on the five-seat model (that’s larger than a GLC) and the option of a seven-seat version.

6. First drive: Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 d

Image Credit:- carenthusiast.com

The Mercedes GLC receives only minor changes on the outside, but there are new engines and the option of all-digital instruments among others. Small changes? Yes, but they keep the GLC at the top of its class.
Test Car Specifications

Model tested: Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 d 4Matic AMG-Line Premium
Pricing: £47,045 as tested; starts at £39,420
Engine: 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbodiesel
Transmission: nine-speed automatic, four-wheel drive
Body style: five-door, five-seat SUV
CO2 emissions: 151g/km (VED Band 151-170: £515 in year one)
Combined economy: 49.5mpg
Top speed: 138mph
0-62mph: 6.2 seconds
Power: 245hp at 4,200rpm
Torque: 500Nm at 1,600-2,400rpm
Boot space: 580-1,150 litres
What’s this?

The Mercedes-Benz GLC and the C-Class saloon (and Coupe and Estate and Cabriolet) share a common platform and common engines, so it’ll prove entirely unsurprising that the mid-size SUV is getting the same updates for 2020 that the C-Class got for 2019. 

7. 2019 Toyota Supra review: it’s good, but it’s not quite right

image credit:- gq-magazine.co.uk

This is the car that ignited the internet. Fast Japanese cars tend to enflame a very peculiar set of passions and given its starring role in The Fast And The Furious franchise (which made $5.1 billion worldwide at the box office), the Toyota Supra has a bigger fan base than most. This despite the fact that the previous generation car, codenamed A80, went out of production way back in 2002.

image credit:- gq-magazine.co.uk

So a successor to this legendary street fighter was always going to push people’s buttons. Toyota didn’t help itself by taking an aeon to deliver the new model, having started work on it in 2012, trailed it in the form of 2014’s FT-1 concept car and then kept us all dangling while empires rose and fall.