12 Menopause Symptoms Most Women Ignore


12 Menopause Symptoms Most Women Ignore

Firstly, the word menopause can also be referred to as climacteric and it refered to the time in which period stops permanently in most women which will not allow them to further give birth to children.
The average age for this menopause is 51 years although most range is from 48 to 55years.
Many symptoms occurs in ladies that are not usually notice which is mainly because, most women mistook the symptoms for other likely infections illness.
Below are some unpopular menopause signs that are easily and usually ignore by the ladies.

    Menopause it self is a reason for an imbalance hormone in hormone secretion, this imbalance occurs as a result of the system producing less of estrogen and progesterone and this results in the unstable menstrual periods which later put a stop to the entire flow of blood or menstraul period. This is not totally like a syptoms but what brings about a symptom and it may not be easily observed by women as they assume it to be something else.
    The Hormones is part of what control the mood and if at any point in time this hormones are not stable, it causes a form of mood swings in which actions are taken inappropriately and one may not be totally in control there mood. This excessive mood swing also leads to even depression.
    Estrogen is one of the hormone that keeps the vagina moist when in the right amount. Therefore when inappropriate or a drop of estrogen drop on the vagina, it makes it dry and difficult for Penetration doing sex and can also lead to the damage of the vagina due to dryness, the chances of this vaginal dryness in a woman approaching meno pause is 33%.
    The hormone estrogen is responsible for regulating the menstral cycle, so the inadequate quantity of this hormone can bring about inconsistency in the normal flow, which may lead to heavy or low flow before there will no longer be any flow again.
    This is also a common symptoms of menopause. So, as an average average woman gaining weighs, it a sign of the pre menopause stage because research have show that average woman gains about 5pounds around this time.
    Decrease in the amount of estrogen due to imbalance can cause the growth of less hair on tje head where it should be and brings about more hair on the face, the skin also can become dry and flaky, this brings about the wrinkleness on the skin that brings about old age and is also a sign of menopause in woman.
    Atimes when menopause set in, some women exprerience uterine bleeding during perimenopause which ofcourse is not good, and as such they must consult a physician. Although just before menopause, the woman can experience a heavy flow but that is still normal but for bleeding, serious medical attention should be seek. some of this conditions of perimenopause include; polyps, Endometerial Atrophy and Endometrial Hyperplasia.
    Decrease Libido can also set in as part of symptoms for menopause, in this case, the woman will not have
    the passion for sex and this is cause due to the dry vagina, as they will not be able to go through the stress of sex with a dry vagina. This decrease in desire for sex may not bw of major medical concern, but it results from other reasons which includes the vagina dryness we have mentioned above.

Night sweats referes to those hot flashes that occurs in sleepy, this hot flashes can be accompanied by excessive sweating. The sweating that a woman at menopause usually experience doesn’t usually have a particular range because it can be mild, moderate or extreme which may not wakes them up from sleep. Therefore night sweats is also a symptom observe in a woman as menopause sets in.

    Due to a loss in estrogen which also could lead to loss in bone mass may results in stiff joint or joint pain. In about few years when menopause have set in, the research shows that women lose about 20 percent of there bone mass. This loss in bone mass can lead to medical conditions such as Osteoporosis and Osteoathritis that can lead to stiff joint and pains. Infact this Osteoathritis could results to permanent paralysis in some older women.
    Sleep problems is a usual occurance among women in this case.they may snore while sleeping or even in extreme cases experience insomnia.
    Atimes also, women who suffers from improper sleep condition in relation to menapause experience what we call apnea, which is a condition where breathing stops for a short while during sleep. Atimes also, the woman may not suffer insomnia but the quality of sleep they had may not be so okay.

This is a kind of a problem that is observe in women, although not as severe as amnesia but it can make them to be so annoying. Women may forget very little things such as finding little items such as car keys or other items. This could be due to either, stress or hormone imbalances.

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Most of this listed symptoms maybe symptoms of other issues in the system and that is the reason why women ignore most of the feelings. But if a woman is feeling more than one of this mention symptoms at once and such woman is within the ages of 48 to 55 years, then such woman is likely experiencing menopause symptoms

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