When You Cry During Movies, It Means You Are Mentally Tough


When You Cry During Movies, It Means You Are Mentally Tough

It happens, it really affects us all. There are some moments you can’t just hold it any longer, whether you are watching movies at home or at cinema, have you ever feel like you just need to shed tears? Haven’t you come across those scenes are not only touching but reflecting some things on you that you can’t really explain? Like I said, it happens.

When watching the movies, the music swells, the characters’ emotions seems coming through, after which you then you feel the bridge of your nose start to tingle and your eyes start to sting, and soon you’re bawling like a baby, strange and surprise, isn’t it? Some people might roll their eyes or poke fun. It’s only a movie; after all it’s not even real.

So if you are among those that usually cry when your watch movies, it is a direct sign that you have a strong emotions over things. Although, people perceive those that cry during movies are emotionally weak. Meanwhile, scientists have proved that it is a good sign. Because social scientists are very well aware that people have a prejudice against people who cry during films. People see those who cry during films as emotionally weak people. So, this is what it means when you cry during movies.

You have strong empathy: Empathy is a situation whereby you easily understand other people’s feeling. So when you cry when watching a movie, it means that you understood what the character is going through and feels for them. In fact, you are aware it is just a scene play and not real, you are carried away with it and caught your emotions along the line. This is because you find it quite interesting to put yourself in their position and imagine what they are going through. Although you know the situation belongs to another person and not you, yet you relate the emotional state with yourself. Meanwhile, emotions could be draining strength which means empathy is a sign of being strong emotionally. Therefore crying is therefore both a sign of release and recognition. The ability to relate to others will only bring you success in life.

You always carry other people’s emotion with yourself: When you are empathetic, you are so much interested about other peoples’ emotion or feelings. You care a lot about people and always wish to understand their situation.

Crying during movies is associated with emotional intelligence and self-esteem: Researchers studied that people that cry during movies are found to be connected to crying and sadness in real life. This means that people that cry during movies are usually extroverted, feminine, have strong self-esteem, and also have experience with stress. Aren’t you surprise about extroversion being among the characteristic? Don’t be because extroverts always the capacity to have deep insight about what they are feeling. So, you’re stronger than you think if you cry at the movies because you have the opportunity that not only are you deeply aware of your own emotions, you can “read” emotions in other people, too. This gives you the chance to better able to pick friends wisely and see through lies. You’re also a creative soul since you truly immerse yourself in a movie

Therefore crying during movies is part of the experience of totally involving yourself into a movie. In another study, researchers looked at the illusion of having two bodies at the same time during a movie. They accepted the fact that the movie is not real, more perceptive people is simultaneously aware of being inside the film and outside of it. This conflict between being both here in the seat of the theater and also participating in the movie experience of the actors can cause viewers to experience “dizziness and nausea, an unsettling yet – to a certain degree – pleasurable feeling, which is significantly intensified in media environments such as 3-D films and virtual reality.”

So, are you always emotional and get to a point of shedding tears when watching a movie? Don’t be afraid, keep doing that as it helps you to stay in touch with your emotions or feelings and also increases your mental strength.

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