Best Way to Save Money On Your Makeup


Best Way to Save Money On Your Makeup.

Even though alot of ladies prefer there natural beauty in so many ways. But still alot will not still leave home without any touch of lip stick or coast of mascara.  A study in british saw that over 70% of women will not leave there home without application of facial beauty materials like lip glows, eyeliners and some little face touches.  Beauty doesnt come so cheap and that is why when you see a woman in store paying for make up materials such as foundations and other things, you will be so speechless with the amount of money that will be required to pay up for the bills and this occur so often and it really consume a bulky part of women finance in most cases. Very few women are not having ideology of spending money on doing makeup on there face.

 Alot of women have been seen to be more likeable and attractive with this makeup on them and therefore it is a very common attribute of high percentage of our women.However, there have been some important ways in which you can be able to have your make up on without necessarily spending all your savings and those are the points we will be discussing in the course of this article.

1. Reduce wastage : It have been observed that alot of ladies waste have of the makeup they bought no matter how expensive it is. Once they have use it for some particular period of time and they observe that the makeup has gone off. Although, normally, makeup does not last forever but still yet there are ways that you can revive the old makeup and with this you will be able to use the old make up to the end instead of trashing it out in the bin.And one the basic ways has to do with the addition of saline or contact lens solution to dried mascara, it will make it look like new one again and for those end of the bottle that you can’t access, put the bottle in relatively warm water and decant it when it have liquified into an accessible small container and with this the mascara will serve you more longer time that you would have use it normally.

2. Possibility of returning makeup. Some ladies buy excess make up than they can finish or used and atimes some of them end up wasting the previous one and this is the reason why you should try as much as you can to be able to try and return some of this make up you have not opened and this will safe you alot of money. Returning this unused ones in less than 30 days of purchase have a greater chance of it being accepted. There are many consumer rights that explains about your right as a consumer but still the money for refunding is always a kind of money you should not put your mind on, so that when the refunding do not work you.

3. Sell of Unused Makeup. Atimes when you have the bulky if this unused makeup, you can always opt for selling them so as to be able to either add money to buy new ones or probably use the cash for something. Even atimes, you may lost interest in something you bought of recent and instead of seeking for refund which you may jot get. It is always very better and easier to go and sell the product before it get too old on your hand.There are sites that are available in which you can sell your unused make ups such as the Depop and EBay. Even though the Depop is the best for the job, all you need do is taking a view shot and upload them on the Depop and in a matter of minutes, it could be sold. And selling this unused makeup gives you more savings.

4. Be Among the Product Tester. Although is not easy as such to be able to get a spot among the product tester, but when you are given, is a spot that you should accept because this will give you access to more quality and free products and this will save you enough money on makeup. When you have gotten the makeup that you spend alot of money to buy for free, then this means that more cash will be save.There are different available test scheme that are available and part of which is the Boots volunteer panel. Once you meet the specific criteria that they are looking for, you will be selected and once that is done, you will receive the different product for free at home or at there different locations.

5. Be a good online buyer: You have to be very smart and good on the internet when you are shopping for the different products. Know how to compare the different sites on where to get the cheapest and most qualitative product. And when you are being active online and doing your shopping, you should always try and register with your mails because in some instances, you may be sent an email to tell you on the available discount for you and this will further go a long way to save you money on your makeup.

6. Make use of your student discount. Even with all the available loyalties and special discounts that will be made available for you, it is still very good to  you, you should still know that your student discount is still a very good deals as well. This student card in some instance can even save more serious cash than the normal discount you will get for general people. Therefore always make the best use of your student card in the process of purchase as it may allow you save alot from the overall transactions.

In Conclusions, you should not spend all your savings on makeup to look good when you have many other ways in which you can buy your make up at a more reduce price or even get them for free, therefore, it is always very good to have a good knowledge on how to utilize all the given opportunity that is made available for you in other to have alot of savings from your makeup transactions and that is why it will be very good of you to critically study and understand this article well so that it can serve as a guide to you.


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