15 Smart Ways You Can Save At The Supermarket


15 Smart Ways You Can Save At The Supermarket

Definitely at some stage in life it is compulsory that you have to make provision for your self with regards to foods and other basic day to day needs and this means you have to spend money at one point in time at the supermarket for your basic needs. 

But, as much as you cannot avoid spending on this very important shoppings, then you need to learn how to reduce your cost and still get to shop for the best products that will be sufficient enough to sustain you.Mainly,

most of the supermarkets around have some of kind of tricks that they usually use to make you spend very excessively but the truth is, when you are very smart and observant, you can be able to spend lesser and achieve more positive yield in your spending. 

An analysis have revealed that averagely in a week a student spend a bit  above twenty-five pounds but when there is proper planning, there could be a serious cut that will make you as a student have the privilege to spend even less than twenty pounds weekly.

It is then very essential to be able to sharpen the strategy that you can use at your regular market, and this will make you know the best of the days you come to the supermarket for shoppings and also allows you know the right products that you can use your money to buy even when in the supermarket. 

Some of these underlisted ways are the means that can be use to achieve the best shoppings at the supermarket by spending lost to achieve maximum satisfaction.

1. Buying in Bulk:Mainly, the more you buy in bulk, the cheaper you get the products. And when you have decided to get one or two things in the market, you can just make your flatmates contribute, so that you can all buy things in bulk. This will save you all some good cash from your shopping expenses.

2. Look on High and Low ShelvesMost atimes, supermarket place the most popular and costly product at the level of the eye on the shelves. But when you want to shop for a quality and more cheaper price then you should consider looking up and down the shelves. This will not limit you to some particular or the so called popular products. Basically, most of the manufacturer of this popular products pay the supermarket to place there goods where it can easily be seen or noticed.  And this is why you need to look and search properly to get a better bargain.

3. Make a list of what you want to buy.When you are going to the supermarket to make some purchase, you should have the list of the things you need and want to buy as this will save you time and money, because when you decide to buy much things, it is possible for you to mic things up and end of buying things you really don’t need much leaving the important one or cause you unnecessary delay.

4. Stock up at holidays.Most supermarket offers the deepest discount around the holidays, therefore you should use the opportunity of the moment to go and stock up your house st relatively cheaper price.

5. Claim your age group discount. Some supermarket gives discount to some certain age groups and if you happen to fall to that group you should learn how endeavor to claim your discount this will futher save you some money.

6. Make ComparisonDon’t stick to a particular supermarket in other to be buying your needs without making comparison of different prices from other markets. Try even online apps to see the lowest prices of goods and this will reduce the amount of money you will be spending on goods.

7. Don’t be fooled.There are instances in which you will see some kind of percentage discount tag to the product you want to buy just to deceive you, always do the calculations your self and know if truly you are being discounted for product or not.

8. Avoid wastage of what you have bought.Most students throw away left over foods no matter how much it is, and this will makes you to repeatedly spend soo much money in supermarket on those things almost regularly most especially the food items. One of the major ways you can avoid wastage is for you to limit the quatity of what you prepare so that it won’t remain in excess and even when you have reminant, throwing it away is not the best choice, store them appropriately in the refridgerator if possible freeze them and when you are ready to eat it, you can bring it out.

9. Avoid shopping on your student loan day.Most student once they receive there loan goes straight to the supermarket to go and be buying just anything because they see there account balance as so high that they can afford to buy anything even when such things is not in anyway a priority to them. And after a short while they go back to being financially down again from unnecessary purchases. So, if you just receive your student loan as a student, don’t rush to the supermarket to go and be buying just anything. save some money for your self and wait until you have listed your basic necessities and then you can storm the market to buy only the listed very important things.

10. Grow your own grubs.There are many food fruits that you can grow yourself that will safe you from spending very excessively on food crops like potatoes, tomatoes and all. You don’t need to have a large garden to do that. you can make use of indoor pot or a very small garden available and it will yield a very good result within a short period of time.

11. Return When not satisfied.There are some product that you purchase in the supermarket and when you get you feel so disappointed with the product and not able to make use of it, instead of throwing it away, check the label and see if you can return it and once it is written that you can return back when not satisfy then don’t hesitate to return it. You will be refunded and even given some other compensation for inconveniences if need be.

12. Check out the reduced section.This section is where you will find a very affordable prices of food and other materials and it is good for you to visit the section when you are in the super market to see if what you came to buy can be found there because it helps you to save alot of money as you will be buying at a very reduce price.

13. Shop at the right time.Shopping at the right time can also help you to have a good deal of purchase and save your self some money. There different moments that have been put in place in which you can get a very good and reduced price and you should try to meet up with such time most especially an hour before the closing time.

14. Make use of online apps for purchase.Online markets helps you to make easy comparison and also buy from the lowest seller that is available, it saves you the stress of going up and down looking for cheap market. There by making purchase very easy.  Online supermarkets gives alot or discount and freebies as well and just with your phone at hand, you can get a good discount that are available easily. And you should use it very well, by having the apps on your android or  iPhone.

15. Cook your food from Raw.Maybe due to lack of time or something, you may be thinking of buying an already made can foods most times but it is not always the best because it is relatively more expensive and is far cheaper to buy ingredient and cook your own food your self. 

When you want to have a reduced cost of shopping at the supermarket, then you should consider these different ways as described in this article and you have the chances to save alot of money that you can eventually use for other things.


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