Best Gap Year Travel Destinations


Best Gap Year Travel Destinations

The major aspect you need to focus on while planning for any gap year travel is about your saving and how to spend within your budget. You might sometimes be wondering how you can travel around fantasy places and still manage your bank account, it is very possible and all what you need to know about it shall be discussed in this article. Indeed, you can save your money on everything you do while on travel to avoid reckless spending.

There are gap year destinations that allow you to have good planned trip and make it easy for you to explore the world without breaking the bank. At first, they may seem not cheap but with your proper planning, you shall have good time dwelling with them without going beyond your budget. Some of them are discussed below:

1.     Australia: Australia can’t be said to be the cheapest country in the world to perform your gap year but it is obvious to be among where you can go without spending too much of your budget. If you choose to visit this country for few weeks, it is advisable you stick to only visit one or two regions you desire to see.

Another great way to enjoy this trip is when you focus on hostels that offer car sharing which will enable you to have car sharing with other backpackers. Interestingly, you can get most of these backpackers on some Facebook groups that advertise all what you need to know about your trips such as the hostels you wish to stay or cars you can have access to or work side. What you only need to do is by just searching for “Australian backpackers” on Facebook in order to locate groups that are active with detailed information about the subject matter. With regards to food, there are restaurants such as IGA and Coles that offer good value for your taste. You will be able to get wine at a very cheap price because it is manufactured by Oz and also you can also get good meals and in fact you can have good meals with affordable cost when you visit the right places. What you will enjoy in Australia most is their fascinating cool weather whereby you can just walk to beaches and spend time with nature. You can visit cities such as Cairns and Brisbane to have such nice moments.

2.     Cambodia: Cambodia is obviously one of the cheapest countries you can visit in southeastern Asia. Probably due to the fact that it is somehow less developed, it really offers good ambience for people that choose to spend holidays or nice moments there – travelers. There are interesting places in Cambodia such as the beautiful temples of Angkor Wat. Also, this country has a lot of beaches that are awesome to visit and receive natural breeze. 

Another great thing about this country is their people. They always welcome people to their midst with great joy and excitement. However, the country has recorded a lot of challenges that now made it a vast history in their record books. They were faced with series of bloodshed, political upheaval and poverty, although believe of Cambodian is laced with optimism that make their culture and tradition remains strong and committed.

3.     Hungary: It is undisputable that this country is vast developing and this is another cause for you to have a glimpse about it. You only need to prepare your budget and stick to it while visiting this country due to how some of their things seem expensive. Meanwhile, you can enjoy cheaper things around the villages unlike the cities and you can also visit places like hills and warm waters of Lake Balaton. 

Other things you can enjoy in Hungary are the historic architecture you see around the cities and don’t also forget to make sure that you have thermal bath or two. These are the interesting things you don’t have to miss in the country.

4.     Canada: This is another country you can visit for your gap year destination. Just that in Canada, the prices of anything you do usually varies such as the prices of food or the prices of accommodation which all depends on what you stay. There are places that are less cost than others. Kindly note that British citizen do not necessarily need a visa before they can visit this country as the only requirement is Electronic Travel Authorization. Meanwhile, be reminded that most of the Canadian cities are expensive and if you to choose to visit those cities they might cost you more than going to their villages.

There are also Facebook groups that can give more insights about backpackers in Canada. With regards to food, you can check out for Poutine which is a well known food outlet that offers good spices and basically chips soaked in gravy and cheese. The good thing about Canada is that you can have varieties of natural parks and nature galore. Meanwhile, when you choose to visit these parks, it is advisable for you to rent a car in order to avoid reckless spending and inconveniences. In fact you should split your bill with other travelers for better budget unless you are not financial buoyant to that extent whereby should that be your case, you can just go for commercial buses. For example, if you desire to visit Niagara Falls, there are buses that will drive you to the exact place and after reaching there; you would still see buses that will take you around the park and see different tourist attractions inside.

5.     Argentina: This is another great country that is vast developing and can be effective in your gap year travel. The country is indeed adventurous due to different mountains, desert, beaches and many fascinating cities. Obviously, this country is one of the best destinations you can visit for your gap year on a budget.        

If you want to go to Argentina, it is recommended you go to places like Buenos Aires which also offer nice moments just like other big cities such as London or Paris. As regards to foods, you can have delicious meals in this country most especially in the northern side. Fernet and Coca Cola are traditionally drinks that are most consumed there and are mostly passed around in parties. Also, don’t forget to consume their nutrient named “empanadas”.  Meanwhile, you can visit places such as Iguazu falls as there are buses that can take you there. Most times, travel agents collaborate with local tourist to organize tours to these places.

6.     Italy: This country offer varieties of cool places you can visit for nice moments. Should we talk about The Pantheon or the Trevi Fountain or The Colosseum, all which exist in Rome? Indeed, this is a country you should not avoid to be there for your gap year travel. You can enjoy the Italian capital by mainly engaging on free walking tour as most of the listed places above are apparently free to visit. The Vatican Museums cost few euro for students that are up to 25 when they are able to display their school ID cards and it is even free to visit on the last Sunday of the month.

There are amazing food restaurants that offer good foods but might be sneaky with bread. What they do is that they will wait till when you sit down and get you served only to charge you when you are done with it. Also, don’t forget to request for tap water usually called “acqua de rubinetto in Italian language”. You can also be served with bottle water and you will pay for it. Meanwhile, after drinking the water in the bottle, you can refill it your bottle at the water fountains which is healthy to drink and free. The accommodation in this country is not relatively cheap as there are costly thereby making the tariff goes up and down in line with how classy your accommodation is.

7.     Morocco: Do you desire to visit African places and you don’t want to go for a too long journey, then Morocco is a good place for you to visit for your gap year travel. The country possesses scorching summer temperatures and the most suitable time to visit this country is in the autumn or in the spring because the temperature ranges from 15 to 30 degrees.

This country offers varieties of cheap hotels and other necessary things you need for your trip. The country’s capital which is Marrakech is indeed a great place to visit so also Medina (Main Square) should not be left out. Shop around and ask your hostel and hostel buddies for recommendations. Three-day tours which include camel riding across the dunes, two-night accommodation and food can set you back anything from £100 to £300. Another great thing about this country is that there are beautiful architectures and you will be marveled about their traditional souvenirs from the many souks. Funny enough, you need to vigilant on your money when you are on tour in this country as there are pickpockets that usually hang around. Also, if someone walk up to you, politely say no thank you and don’t feel bad for saying it.

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