Simple Ways That Can Save Your Money While Driving


Simple Ways That Can Save Your Money While Driving.

If you own a car and still a student, you can manage the situation and have a positive life vibes. It is very possible to cut costs and maintain your living standard. As a student, it is obvious that your source of income might vary; it could be through student loan or from little works or through parent’s support. Regardless of the source, aside the fact that you need to look inward to supplement your financial strength, it is very clear that to run a car as a student is going to be very challenging to your purse.

However, the interesting part of it is that having a car is a great thing you can have as a student, whether where you are residing is near or far, the comfort cars will bring to you make it pivotal to have one. This means that car is a necessary instrument you need in your educational pursuit. Therefore, when you are having a car and being a student, you can manage the situation and be successful about it. This article shall discuss ways you can follow or things you can do as a student that would save your money while driving a car.

Reports have it that you can actually save up to 30% on petrol costs when you are able to change some of your driving habits. Therefore, if you are one of those that are looking for ways this can be achievable, stress no more as this article shall explain what you need to know and do about it.

10 Ways To Cut The Cost of Owning A Car

1.     Go for Advanced Driving Course: Sometimes, people tend to have issues with any product or equipment they are using when they are not acquainted with the needed information about what they own. A good way for you to minimize costs on your car is to go out and take advanced driving course to have more insight on how to maintain your car. Another great thing you would benefit is that these courses usually teach people on ways they can drive their motors to make it economical. People will have the opportunity to make good standard of their car in a more efficient way. Also, advanced driving courses can also help you bring down the premiums on your annual car insurance policy.

2.     Be Consistent and Drive Slowly: A very obvious way to be safe and have a good ride is when you are very consistent and not too speedy with your car. Note that it is very economical to drive gently and slowly as running too fast would cost you a lot of money coupled with the fact that is very dangerous. You can strictly adhere to the driving limits and obey the traffic rules. When you speed too much, you tend to disobey traffic laws and might even get you fined. When you are able to maintain a consistent speed, it would reduce the petrol consumption rather than speeding up and decelerating which would consume more petrol.

3.     Avoid Using Brake Too Much: People that tend to use break often are liable to make their car consume more fuel. So, a good way to avoid this is to maintain a good speed and avoid over usage of brake. This means that while driving and probably at traffic, you can just maintain a better distance with the car in your front to avoid using break at every instance. In addition, while driving around speed bumps, you can avoid using brake too much because when you break hard it will result to accelerating quickly which will consume too much of petrol. So for you to be economical with the use of petrol in your car, always avoid unnecessary use of brake.

4.     Avoid being fined: People always waste money on what is avoidable. The use of car can actually make you spend money you didn’t budget for, so to avoid all these, you need to make sure you do the right things and do away with unlawful acts. There are government/road maintenance agency’s laws and requirement for drivers and to avoid being fined, make sure you are eligible and possess the necessary documents as stipulated by regulatory agency. There are driving-related charges and when you are able to avoid them, you won’t any worry in wasting money. It will help you to be safe from unexpected fines. For example, you need to always check your driver’s license to know when to renew it.

5.     Use Apps To Know Cheap Parking Spaces: Another way to cut cost of driving is by locating where parking spaces that are more cheap are located. Parking spaces fee is one of the payments that can burden your financial purse which made it imperative for you to know those that are cheap and not costly that you can use. Avoid parking at any car park without knowing the financial implication. Make sure you find cheap ones in any cities you are because they are some big cities that bill high for parking spaces and in that regard it is better you located cheap around in that area. You can also choose to park somewhere around the town edge and you can easily take a walk to where you are going, it is fun and exciting to do that also.

6.     Look For Car Parts By Yourself: Another good way to save money is when you source for car parts by yourself. You can search for it online and make a purchase after which you can give it to a local (but efficient and well accepted) garage to help you fit it. This act isn’t as if you want to do other people’s task by buying the parts by yourself but it is safe means to keep hundreds of dollars to yourself. When you have any part of your car that need to be replaced or repaired, to save your money from being excessively spent, it is good to purchase the parts yourself and give it to someone that is an expert to fix it up for you.

7.     Wash Your Car By Yourself: Another good way to save cost when you own a car as a student is by making sure you wash your car by yourself. There are hand car wash centers around you that will only charge you few dollars and get your car washed.  While washing the car by yourself, you will be able to also notice any damage that might be in your car and this will afford you the opportunity to quickly fix it before it worsen. So another good source of reducing cost while driving is to wash your car by yourself as a student.

8.     Pay Your Car Tax Annually: You need to learn how to explore possible means that would be cheaper when paying your car tax. People that pay car tax through Direct Debit annually is the cheapest option which you might choose to follow. However, when you don’t have the financial strength to pay it all upfront, you can set up a standing order to pay your folks instead of the tax man and ask them nicely to pay it up front on your behalf. This is another interesting way that can assist you.

9.     Get Petrol Deals That Are Cheap: It is clear that petrol is one of the things that would cost money while maintaining a car. A great way to reduce the cost you are spending on this product is by simply getting places you can purchase it at a cheap rate. Meanwhile, in your pursuit to get cheap price, you don’t have to drive too far from your area as that would amount to against your desire. You can browse online to locate places that offer great deals of this product such as Also, it is advisable you buy petrol at night or very early in the morning due to the fact that the petrol in the pumps would be denser by that time and you will be able to get more for your money. You can desist from filling up on main roads or motorways as they seem more expensive. Also, there are petrol stations that offer deals for their customers such as Tesco whereby you can receive certain discount when you purchase at their spend-in store.

10.                         Avoid Your Petrol Gauge To Reach Red: This is another thing you need to know about your car. It is unhealthy to let your petrol gauge reach the red line. This is because when you are driving with a small amount of petrol inside your car, it can easily make your petrol to run out quicker than expected. Also, you don’t necessarily need to fill your car to the top because fuel is heavy and might the more you have the more you burn. It is therefore advisable that you stick to a half and three-quarter full tank and it will make your car operate more efficient.


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