10 Best Money Saving Apps


Technology has indeed help in different ways and hence making things easy to do than going through manual. Mobile phones are not left behind as there are innovations of phones that made it imperative to advance in the use of information technology. This shows that there are smartphones that offer a lot of services that can ease your task and save your money.

You can really save spending money through the use of this device as there are numerous apps that offer this service. You only need to find them and work it out effectively. If you are one of those looking for how to go about this, worry no more as this article shall talk about some of the apps that can help you save money and also assist you in managing your finances. This means that you can truly keep your money save through some apps. You might choose to look in to how you can invest or have a standard budget that you can stick to. Therefore, these apps vary from personal finance apps, to cashback apps to other apps that tell you how to carry out some activities.

10 Best Money Saving Apps:

  1. AppsFire: This application provides for users, apps that are free and highly discounted daily. By using this app, you only need to submit some information when registering and after filling it up, you are eligible to have access to a list of recommended downloads that are compatible with your desire. More also, with this app you can create a wish list that is attached with notifications for deals and discounts on those apps that are interested to buy. You can also part away with apps that are not encouraging by simply going through ratings from public users and get good recommendations on what are the next big things you can go for by browsing through trending applications. This application is available for android users and iOS.

2. Starling: This app is based on bank nature and it has been a good one in that regards. They have a banking license and allow you to open a current account through your phone for just some minutes. You are even liable to earn interest on the money held in your account through this app. The app also offer features such as budgeting and security. You can save money with this app in such a way that if you choose to limit your spending in a month to a certain amount, you can do that with this app. What you only need to do is by transferring the desired amount to your starling account and you make use of your Starling card for that month by tracking what you spend through the app. The app will notify you with alerts when you spend money as it will help you outline what you’ve spent in categories like shopping, bill, foods and many more. It can even show you the flow of your spending via graphs and give you alerts when you are overspending.

3.Campus Special: This app is greatly used by students as it enables them to have great deals on food stores, restaurants and eateries around the school. It also gives you the opportunity to order for foods from your hostel through your phone on pick-up delivery. The good thing about this app is that it enables you to get more rewards when you often use it. Those rewards can be redeemed at your usual local food outlets.

4 ATM Locator: This is another interesting app that can assist you in financial needs. When you are hooked up in an area that is not familiar to you and you are interested in getting some cash, instead of moving up and down in searching for the nearest place to withdraw some cash, this app shall give you comfort in doing that. The name implies, ATM Locator help you to find cash points that are very near to you with the use of geolocation and it will display them on the map for you to check through. In fact, the app will also let you know those cash points that charges and those that are for free as this will enable you get your cash at convenience. You can enjoy this app most especially when you are out of your town and don’t know where you can see the nearest cash machine.

5 Chip: You really wish to have a limitation to your spending and in fact very reluctant to put money away from you because you might soon need them. The use of technology has truly advanced the world whereby there are now automatic saving bots that can assist you in your quest. A typical example of it is Chip whereby you don’t have to worry about the process and the app will take care of all you want to achieve. What you only need to do is by granting the app access to your bank account and it will enable Chip to look after your spending and watch over what you are receiving and what you are spending which will give it access to calculate how much you can save in a week. Interestingly, once the app was able to calculate how much you can save, it will automatically put the money in a saving side for you without you bothering yourself to process it.

6 Expensify: This is a great app that is more important for professionals and business experts. What this app does is that it helps to report situations. The app note down the picture of your receipts, it keep tracking miles you traveled and help you record other travel expenses you incurred on a single platform which will enable you to have easy description of your moments. Interestingly, this app can read the values on the receipts photograph so you don’t need to worry yourself about manual entry. It shows that this app help you to give detailed records of your transactions.

7 Best Parking: As the name implies, this app allow you to minimize your spending with regards to parking fee most especially when you are travelling. Sometimes you can be worried about getting parking spaces most especially when you are in a strange place and without having the idea of how much their parking space cost. With the use of this app, you can have access to parking places that are close to you and at cheap rate. Another good thing about this app is that it will allow you to get parking spaces at your desire.

8 mySupermarket: This is another interesting app for you when you are on shopping. Regardless of where you do the shopping, this app always offers users to have access to cheap prices of commodity. It will allow you to pay for the lowest available price for every item you choose to purchase. What you only need to do is just to create a shopping list that will contain all items you want to buy and then the app will tell you the supermarkets that sell those goods at cheap prices and in fact, it will also indicate if any supermarket has any of your wish list on their special offer. The interesting aspect of this app is that you can scan a product barcode and this app will tell you where you can purchase it at a lower cost.

9 Groupon: Groupon allows you to have access to deals on most things you want to purchase from shopping to restaurants to hotels and many more. This shows that with this app, you can go for any product or service deals right on your mobile device. What you only need to do is just by searching by locations for deals that are near you. In fact, the app offers great and diverse deals that are most especially open during holidays. Groupon can also get you in touch with different areas as it enables you to try out new places out of your comfort zone.

10 Meter Readings: A funny way that consumes most of our budget is energy consumption bill. There are ways that we tend to care less about which really has a bit charge on our bills. Whether you decided to take a long shower with water heater or you didn’t switch off your electric bulbs for a long time. You might be too lazy to off some electrical appliances not until the bill is out and massive. You will be wondering what actually the cause is forgetting the fact that it is caused about the negligence in noting what your meter reads. Meter Reading is a fantastic app that helps you to watch over how much you are consuming through your meter daily. With this app, you will be able to adjust and limit how you use your electrical items in order not to cost you much. This app will also give you the opportunity to know how much your neighbors pay for energy bills and compare it with yours. From there you can deduce if to stick with your provide or switch.



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