15 Supermarket Money Saving Tips


15 Supermarket Money Saving Tips

It is interesting to go on shopping in order to make sure you look good and have necessary things with you as desired, but the nature of cost during this process might be scary and relevant tips that can reduce skepticism can be said to be appropriate. In other words, a trip to shopping outlet might cause you a bit more than usual budget these days and it is unarguably due to the rising prices of commodity and falling budgets.

It is clear that business owners has deployed strange tricks that can captivate you into buying more than you wished at those outlets and end up spend more than expected. But you can actually get all what you want at the shopping complex without wasting your money in affordable rate when you are smart about it. This means that you can actually get your desires and eat nutritious meals as you wish with much cost. It doesn’t mean you will part away with some nutritious foods but rather channel your strength towards some ways that can help you save some money you would have spent out.

You will be able to achieve this feat when you are effective in changing some of your shopping habits. If you are willing to reduce your nature of spending during shopping then you are reading the right piece as this article shall tell you some tips you can follow to help you have some savings during shopping.

15 Supermarket Money Saving Tips:

You can actually save some money while shopping. When you are able to imbibe some of the methods listed below in this article, it will enable you to have some pounds saved in no mean time. Here are some of the tips:

  1. Go For Shopping At The Right Time: The common mistakes people make is not having appropriate time to go for shopping, some people just feel they can go to any shopping outlet at their free time and get any item they want. It is not encouraging as it might consume much on your budget. It is recommendable to go for shopping mostly during evening time when they are near to closing hour. You can watch over the outlet to know the time they close and choose to go there an hour before they closed for the day. It is observed that prices of commodity tends to drop during those time probably because the shop would be willing to sell out the items and get rid of them before they have to be thrown away. You can your food meals around this time and freeze it till you are ready to consume it.

2.     Look For Reduced Section: The shops usually have reduced section in their store which normally house any food items that is near to its best before date and also products that are likely to have minor faults or damages. When you approach the section, you will definitely see yellow sticker indicating it is a reduced product. This section is often placed in the store when it is about the closing hour although you can still find some things on it even during the day.

3.     Don’t Go For Shopping With Empty Stomach: When you make the mistake of going to store with empty stomach, you might end up buying more than you should. It is good for you to never go to shopping stores when you are hungry. This is due to the fact that you would be willing to throw anything and everything into your trolley which will obviously consume your pocket than necessary. Rather than going for shopping when hungry, always try to have a bit eat for you to spend less at the shopping centre.

4.     Have A Plan For Your Meals: You might be wondering why you really need to do this but you just have to do it if truly you are willing to save some money while shopping. This is because when you are not much of a list person when it comes to supermarket shopping, you might be missing and hence the quest to become one. When you are able to have a list of whatever you wish to buy at the supermarket before going, you will be surprised how you will be able to have savings through this process by not spending unnecessarily while shopping. Aside the fact that it will enable to have a planned budget and save money, this habit will also enable you to think properly about what you will buy home before you reach the supermarket. Interestingly, this process will also enable you not to fill your kitchen cupboards with two of the same of everything you bought as you will be able to know what you will buy and what you don’t need while shopping.

5.     Shop Your Food Online: This is another great way to save some money as there are supermarkets that allow you to shop online and will offer you discount codes that will get you some cash off your cart. Also, you won’t be lured by some fantasies when you shop online unlike when you go to the shopping outlet. Just as the amazing smells that will take over you when you shop at in-house bakery thereby making you feel like buying the whole cake selection. Another great opportunity about this is that you will be able to compare prices of same items when you shop online as there are online resources/websites that allows you to compare different prices of an item from different supermarket. The websites include mySupermarket whereby you will be able to know which supermarket offers the best and affordable price.

6.     Get To Know Foods That You Can Prepare At Home: There is no point in purchasing most things you can also prepare at home. It is appropriate for you to get to know about this and make it a habit as it will enable to save some money when shopping. When you are able to identify some foods that are inexpensive and simple to prepare, it is advisable to prepare it at home and save yourself some cash. Aside that you will be able to save some money, you will also be able to learn more about your cooking skills.

7.     Grow Your Food: If you have some spaces you can use for planting, it is good for you to grow some food nutrients by yourself. You can plant nutrients such as tomato, carrots, lettuce or peppers and with time you will able to get the best out of them. The good thing about this is that you will be able to save money, have fun and get better flavor with this process. Cultivating this habit will even enable to develop passion in farming which might later result into something big for you in the nearest future with your steadfastness.

8.     Check out for Online Vouchers and Deals:  While stuffing with the web, you are opportune to come across online vouchers and deals that are more affordable for your shopping. What you only need to do is by searching for the deals at students section to have list of daily-updated collection. There are online vouchers and deals that you will be able to use during shopping which will enable you to have a good saving. Meanwhile, you should be sensitive with those deals as you don’t need to use any available deal when you are not interested in the product. For example if pack of chocolate should cost less than the normal price and you are not a fan of chocolate, you shouldn’t go for it.

9.     Get Amazon Vouchers by Scanning Your Receipts: You might be wondering the essence of the receipts you got while shopping, worry not as it can help you receive some rewards. So rather than throwing those receipts away, you can actually scan it and use it to fund your next shopping legally. There are numerous apps that allow you to scan your receipts and get you rewards which include Shoppix and Receipt Hog. Interestingly, you can scan these receipts and upload it to different apps which mean you get double rewards from one shopping. However, the reward might be something not really big in monetary term but it is worth doing.

10. Try Local Outlets: People are fond of going to known shopping stores most probably due to their friends or parents but it is not a case to do as others. You need to learn the habit of going to places that aren’t common to others or less in sales. You can go to local markets when they are on or you shop in small stores. By doing this, you will be able to save some cash that would have been expended on fantasy items.

11. Buy Things In Bulk: A good way to save some cash is by purchasing desired items or products in bulk. If you can’t do this alone, reach out to your neighbors and have agreement with them. You will be able to save some money when you shop for flat by buying things in bulk. The good aspect of it is that buying items in bulk is awesomely cheaper and when you are able to spend your cash on some particular items, it will help you chunk off your weekly bill. For example, buying a pack of tin milk will be cheaper and effective when you split it amongst yourself rather than going out at different times individually to buy a single or two tin every other day.

12. Don’t Waste Your Food: This habit is most common to students as they usually feel like throwing away any food they choose not to consume once prepared or brought. You don’t have to do that as you can experiment it by adding something new to it. For example, if you are not longer interested in taking the chicken salad, you can take out the chicken and use it for pasta sauce rather than wasting it. More also, there are numerous online resources that allows you to have more insights on how you can perfect your culinary techniques and get you list of foods you never knew you could freeze. You can check out BigOven as it will help you with necessary recipe ideas from anything you have left over in your fridge.

13.  Don’t Allow Other People’s Food to Waste: Our previous post was talking about you not wasting foods, what about if you have less to get food? If you are in such situation, worry not as there are online sites that can help you which include Olio and Too Good to Go. What Olio does is that it allows people to give out their excess foods and Too Good to Go allows restaurants or food centers to sell their additional stock at give away prices. So in such a way that you have nothing to eat, before you proceed to supermarket for shopping, you can check out this offer and save you some cash.

14.                         Always Have A Super Frugal Day: This is another good opportunity for you to save some cash most especially when you have spent a lot during the week with enough foodstuffs. It is worthy to have at least one “super frugal day” in a week. This will enable you to save some money as you will only consume meals with grains and vegetable for that day. This shows that you need to make sure you try your possible best to eat as cheap as possible and when taking that you will motivate yourself with the mindset that there shall be tomorrow to look up to.

15.  Focus on Seasonal Produces: When you are able to plan for the wet time, you have the ability to spend less when others couldn’t. You can think of produce that’s in season and might take less food miles before it reach where you are and hence it will be cheaper than products that will be sent from other side of the world in order to satisfy for your one year-round craving.