Six Signs That Shows You are Vitamin Deficient


Six Signs That Shows You are Vitamin Deficient.

There is a lot of numerous benefits when you consume a well balanced diet just as it have alot of bad implication and syptoms when you are eating food that is deficient of major nutrients. And basically the symptoms will make you to be able to control what and what you should eat to get a balance diet. Basically when you can read the basic signs and symptoms that you will notice as a result of eating bad food, then you will be able to adjust properly when you start noticing them by watching your diet effectively.

Most American citizens do not consume enough fruits and vegetables and whole grains or healthy oil and thus majority number of them lack vitamins and basically high percentage are said to be obese. Eating good balanced diet is a sign of good living and to have a good and standard health quality,

then one need to eat standard and quality food that is basically rich in essential nutrient such as the vitamins. It is estimated basically that in less than six years from now, fifty percent of the entire population of the United State will weigh 20 percent above there normal weight across age and gender which is basically due to poor dietary choices. Basically there are alot of food and abundant edible fruits and vegetable in the United States but the basic problem is in there bad choices of food they consume and these is the cause of there lack of critical nutrients in the body.

In addition, most megastores contribute to this, as they offer more of frozen and boxed food which are of limted nutrient and makes the availability of rich fresh foods more limited.

This in turns makes the fresh foods and vegetable more expensive in a typical American store and makes it difficult for average people to be able to purchase it and thereby most American goes for the purchase of the package food which are relatively more affordable. But these packaged food have less nutrients and thus increases the level of malnutrition among the American citizens. And most lacking vitamins are said to include,

vitamins; B12, D, B9 and B1, and this vitamin deficiency affect the entire body and thus increases the chances of  diseases and illnesses. Even though most of the symptoms of lack of vitamin are some what hidden, but when being careful and observant we can be able to notice some of the signs that result due to lack of vitamins and some of these signs includes;

1. Burning Sensations: The importance of vitamin B12 in the body cannot be over emphasized and if it is lacking it can leads to so many complications in the body system part of which is the burning sensation that can be noticed in both the tongue and the feet. Basically when the level of vitamins B12 is low in the body, it leads to low heamoglobin which is a red blood component which is responsible for oxygenating your body cells entirely and when this is not produced as it should it may lead to other complications which may include; diziness, constipation and menstral complications and this is one of the main causes of weakness and other health issues.

2. Frequent Health Issues.Most atimes frequent sickness is due to the deficiency of vitamin D. It is a known fact that over 40 percent of the citizens of the United State who are adults have this deficiency, with a more higher percentage increase among the Africa Americans. And vitamins C and D are known to be of great advantage in the effective body system as it helps the immune system to be very active and responsive in fighting the various bacterial and viral related infections. Once any of either the Vitamin C or D is absent, the individual maybe very prone to various infectious diseases in relations to the different microooganisms and this will hence leads to so many diseases more frequently.

3. Fatigue.Vitamin is also a good source of potassium, and this potassium helps so well in so many ways especially in the effective functioning of our body system, keeping millions of nerves healthy and also helps to regulate muscle contraction. In the absence of this vitamin which gives abundant potassium healthy for the body, the deficiency may lead to extreme weakness and fatigue. The function of the potassium in the body cannot be over emphasized as it also helps for the effective use and intake of other nutrient and vitamins in the body system.

4.  Persisten Dryness of the Skin. The lack of vitamin A in the body results into the dryness of the skin. This is mainly a common thing in countries such as the United State, where a good percentage of the pregnant woman in the population. It is also common in children and adolescent. 

5. Mouth UlcersLack of certain intake of some mineral and vitamins may also results in the lession in and around the mouth and this mouth alcers or canker sores are basically the result of lack of B vitamins or irons deficiency and as a result, patients who is seen to have mouth ulcers is having a more possibility of having a low iron in there system compared to other patients and this is the more reason why there should be good intake of vitamins and other nutrients in the food you eat. Deficiency in vitamin B1, B2 and B6 is a cause of mouth ulcer in about 28 percent of individuals who suffers from the disease.

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