20 Hobbies That Can Get You Cool Money (Online & Offline)


Do you really believe most of the hobbies of everyone are worth monetizing? You might be wondering how possible and realistic that could be but don’t be surprised, it is very real and efficient. Have you ever sit down and think of how you can make your usual activities get your money? If you are really looking for money whether to settle some bills or for savings, consider making it with what you love to do. Your hobbies can help you get money most especially when you don’t have much interest in job, you are simply doing the task as if you are willingly doing it and get you paid.

If you are interested in this, this article shall give you more insights on how you can make money from your hobbies and those hobbies that can get you money whether online or offline. Keep reading this article as it is revealing. When you think a particular hobby is taking much of your time, you can make money from it. A great issue with it is that you can’t understand how fast and how much your hobby can get you unless you give it a trial.

What Does Hobby Means & How Can You Make Money From It?

What hobby simply means is what you love doing and what you always wish to without hesitation. When you enjoy doing something, such particular thing is your hobby. You are doing it for fun and not to get paid because you are satisfied doing it mainly due to the fact that you are enjoying it. Therefore, some of the things you do for fun can actually get you money in return.

It is even observed that virtually all hobbies can turned to pay when it is well crafted. It is just a case of you trying to do a business from what you love doing. The interesting part is that your hobbies are what you have skills and knowledge about which makes it easier and simpler to do and earn money from it. You don’t really need to learn many things on it since it is your hobby from the start. Since you have passion for a particular thing, turning it to a process of generating money won’t be a bad idea.

20 Hobbies That Are Profitable:

1.     When Love Sharing Opinions: People that love to discuss with others and share ideas and opinions can get money from this act. There are a lot of companies and online resources that pay when you share your thoughts with them. You can fill surveys by manufacturing companies about their products and services and how they can improve. There is no point of marking you for correct answer or not in this regard because you only have to give out your opinions and get paid. There are genuine sites that offer this service and it is apt for you to check it out.

2.     Develop Apps: If you are someone that always loves to operate system and develop different apps for different purpose, you are on the track of receiving cool cash from such hobby. When you possess the skill develop apps, you can get a lot from marketplaces as there are many manufacturers or clients that will be willing to promote their products or services with apps.

3.     Babysitting: This is another way of earning money. If you love being with kids and playing with them, you can get money from it and still catch fun. There are parents that would love to employ babysitters probably due to their tight schedules or not available. You can search online to locate people that are interested in babysitters in your area and you can earn money from it.

4.     Playing Games Online: When you are one of the games lovers, you stand a chance of earning money from such passion. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you will still receive your money when you play games online. There are online resources that offer this service and pay you when you complete a task online. You will be rewarded with points from this website while playing games and you can afterwards redeem the points to cash. People that have good gaming skills have a good chance to earn money from this opportunity.

5.     Watching Videos and Movies Online: People that love watching movies and videos online can get paid for catching fun. They are always finding the videos or movies interesting and always wish to watch them online whereby there is opportunity to for them to get paid while watching. There are legitimate companies that pay you for watching videos or shows and rate their service.

6.     Baking: This is a good way of earning money that you can even develop career with. It could be done online and offline and it is very easy to carry out since you have passion for it and know more about baking. You can’t imagine making hundreds of cupcakes, pastries and many more. You can check around your local area for schools and other local events where you can sell it and earn your money. You can also go online and show off your goods and skills through YouTube channel or through blogs. The use of internet can boost your business most especially with the aid of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

7.     Carpentry: Many people do this task to earn money while some people are still talented and do it for fun, in any of the case; you can earn money as a carpenter if you have the passion and if it is your hobby. You can advance yourself in a modern way by being a skilled carpenter. People now look for custom furniture for official, home and occasional use. You can start making money from carpentry at your local area and displaying your skills and letting people know how good you are. You can also promote the business by making use of online platforms to generate more customers.

8.     Comedy: This is a talent people seem to be into use lately. When you are blessed with the skills to tell different kinds of jokes, you can get money from it. You can be posting your little routines you normally do at home on YouTube channel and people would love to watch from you when it is interesting and exciting.

9.     Listening to Music: Just like watching videos online, you can also listen to music online and get paid. When you have passion for music and always willing to listen to it, why don’t earn from that? It is real and possible. What you only need to do is listening meticulously to the music and writes your observations or feedbacks in form of reviews. There are several companies that pay people for reviewing the music they upload for necessary adjustment before it is release for public consumption.          

10.                        Making of Jewelry: There are a lot of people especially female that loves making different jewelry products such as beads, ropes, plastics and a lot more. If you are one of them, you can easily make money from it. The process of jewelry making is usually with the use of hands and the materials to be used are always knotted or sewn. There are numerous online websites that allows you to sell the handcrafted products made by you and it is through there you get paid. You can also start selling it at your local area and get paid.

11.                        Graphics Designing: If you love to design different graphics with attractive animation and other necessary tools, you can make money from such hobby. Graphics designing is a great way of making money as there are a lot of opportunities which include designing logos for companies, organizations, associations and many more. You can also design images, infographics, banners and contents for business owners or companies. Graphics designing is a good way to earn income and you can even create a blog for yourself in order to be easily connected by clients.

12.                        Drawing: This is a talent that is usually possess by some people and makes them creative and inspiring. Some people can draw different types of images and designs and portraits. If you are one of them, consider making money from such hobby. You could be making your cool money by drawing for journals, magazines, books, greeting cards, online publications and a lot more. You can also draw natural things and sell it on online sites like Etsy.

13.                        Interior Designing: This is another good way to earn money when you have the knowledge of interior designing and passionate about it. You can start by creating designs for your home and later improve to the use of 3D interior designs programs. This will eventually get you not only money but business with your consistencies. Homeowners, Business companies, Realtors would be willing to give you job of designing their buildings when you are able to deliver digitally with the program.

14.                        Make Up: Some people are very good in makeup and it is a nice way of generating money. There are numerous guidelines and tutorials about makeup that you can find on YouTube and it is very obvious that the makeup is becoming more competitive often. It is a good way to earn money and with your uniqueness you can really become a standard costume makeup artist.

15.                        Creating or Editing Videos: People that are talented with the skills of creating videos or editing it for public consumption stand a good chance to make money from it. When you are able to operate software that can create and edit videos, you can earn money either working online or offline. There are different types of request for video editing, it might be for educational purpose or commercial or entertainment. When you can create and edit videos to the best quality, you will be able to have more audience and easy to promote your work with the appropriate people.

16.                        Painting: Painting is a good way of making money as painters decorate items with beautiful colors. If this is your hobby, consider making money from it. Painting is a process of mixing the appropriate colors to give special effects and if you are able to know how to do that, there are many ways you can get money from it such as painting of murals, steel, portraits and many others.

17.                        Writing: A writer is considered to be articulate and skillful with thoughts. In case this is your hobby, then you should be ready to monetize. Writers are often regarded as content creators and seen to be useful to many people. There are lots of ways that a writer can earn money which includes writing resume, articles for blog, product reviews, newsletters and many more. A lot of online resources usually hire writers to help them develop contents that can be used to promote their blog. Companies also hire writers to promote their business and so on.

18.                         Website Designing: This is another skill that some people possess, if you are part of them; start to make money from it. You can develop websites for individuals, business owners, companies and many more. You can develop interest in this job by starting developing websites from your local area for your relatives or friends. You can design a website for yourself that people can use to connect with you. There are also online sites that allow you to sell professional websites.

19.                        Public Speaking: People that love to talk in a public gathering possess the opportunity to make money. Public speakers are respected and well paid by people because they speak to people and make good presentations. They can travel to anywhere in the world to give speech or discuss about a particular topic. They are being paid also for speaking at conferences, seminars, workshops and any other official gatherings. Aside that you earn money from this process, it will also allow you to build self-confidence, character and charisma.

20.                        Translator: When you are someone that loves learning foreign languages, it is time for you to get money from it. You can work as a translator and receive money from it. There are individuals or businesses that would love to help them translate a certain language to another one. You can also make use of online language translation sites to get money from such skills.


Regardless of your hobby, you can make money out of it and help you offset some financial expenses. As we have highlighted, you only need to channel your inner creativity you possess in making money with your hobby. It is fun!



Image Credit: forbes.com