Best Money Saving Apps for Android and iPhone Users


Best Money Saving Apps for Android and iPhone Users

There are some apps that will enable you to save money as there seems to be different features that can consume your pocket while using them. The advancement in technology has kept making things easy for us in one way or the other. When you are able to download these apps on your mobile devices, you can easily be able to save money.

There are numerous apps that you can use which will enable you to save money and it is left for you to know the ones you should download or otherwise. If you are one of those looking for such authentic apps, keep reading as this article shall talk about the best among those apps that you can easily download. These apps will not only help you save some cash but will also assist you in managing your finances. Saving money could be sometimes being complex to peruse; some people might be thinking it is a simple thing to do but obviously not. It could require different techniques and scopes before you can be able to successfully save money. What we need to think about is that if truly it is simple and easy to save money, majority of individuals must have been able to easily do it. That is why it is pertinent to look into ways you can actually do this task and there are mobile apps that can now do that for you. They will help you to save your money and even manage your finances plus plan what you will spend for you.

What Money Saving Apps Does?

You need to have these apps because it will help you maintain a good financial template. When you truly wish to have a proper planning for your finances, you should consider installing these apps as it will help you save and manage your money. This is just the technological aid of what we have been doing in the past but in another form. Rather than giving out your money to someone else for them to keep it for you, technology has done it in such a way that you can do that with your phone personally with the use of some apps. These apps will make your quest easier and effective.

The good thing about is that moving saving is very important in day-to-day activities of one’s life. It is only what you save during the raining time that you will be able to use when it is dry. Shouldn’t you be one of those that will be able to save money efficiently? Then these apps are there for you. When you have probably android phone or iOS device, it is better and appropriate for you to install those apps to assist your financial tendency.

Those apps are important to the extent that they will help you to save energy, time and money while managing your resources. Meanwhile, the modus operandi of those apps differs and their goal is to help you achieve your financial goals. Some of the apps can be used in aspects such as: When you want to prepare your personal budget, when you wish to do your accounting, banking, when you wish to track your finances, when you choose to manage your finances and a lot more.

10 Best Mobile Saving Apps:

We have different personal finance apps that are impressive in operations and will assist you to make decisions that are best for you and how to achieve your financial goals. These apps that very effective and efficient in saving your money and finances and they include:

  1. Digit: This is a great app that will enable you to save some money from your account monthly. If you have been willing to keep away some certain amount of money from your income monthly, go for digit and your dreams shall come through. The app is a much known personal finance app as it possesses the feature that helps you save money automatically from your account monthly. What you only need to do is by making sure you download the app and connect it with your account then you can set your saving goals by stating how much you wish to be saving and when to be saving it. The app will now analyze your income and how you are spending your money and then help you determine how much you can be saving. After doing that, it will hence keep away such amounts of money from your account automatically.

  2. Budgt: As the name implies, this app allows you to monitor your finances and have a proper budget implementation. The app can track your expenses be it daily or monthly. It will consistently show you an updated budget for you to see in order to achieve your desired financial goals. Budgeting is a great financial scope and this app would help you in that regards. The app will help you calculate how much you should spend in a day and how you can follow the budget appropriately. If you are willing to experience this, just install the app on your mobile device and you are right there!

  3. InvoiceCare: InvoiceCare is a great app that helps you manage your invoice and account receivables. When you install this app on your mobile device, you can easily monitor your paying customers. This is done in such a way that the apps can send messages or place calls to your customers that hasn’t pay you just as a reminder. This shows the app helps you manage those owning you money easily. Interestingly, the app will also send complements to your customers like “thank you” notes.

  4. Wally: This is another app that can assist you in managing your finances. You can save money and monitor your budget for you. The app can also dictate how your money is spent and how your budget is planned. Another great thing about this app is that it will tell you where, when and how you should spend your money. It is a good app to track your personal finances.

  5. QuickBooks: This app is very popular with regards to money saving activities. A lot of professional operate this app as it is a simple accounting app because it possesses different features such as basic business accounting, organization of payroll, manages your taxes, track billings and many more. It can even be used for official purpose as it offers different scopes of maintaining finances. People that are interested in business and also those that wish to save money can make use of this app.

  6. Simple: If you are willing to have a good banking moment, give this app a trial. Simple is a money saving app that can do numerous financial assignments and will even be monitoring your financial progress. This app has features that can help you to pay bills, look after your investments and help you improve on your finances. When you are willing to bank with ease and save money, go for simple.

  7. Mint: Mint is another interesting app that can assist you with the necessary tools to reach your financial target. Its features will help you have a good budget and further track your financial expenses. This app can help you track and understand your expenses in such a way that it will display your expenses in form of charts or graphs or color-coded lists. The app will also forward you reminders periodically and get you the summary of your income and expenses with net worth on a weekly basis.

  8. Xero: Xero is a financial app that is basically known as accounting software because it help you save money and manage your finances with features that offer a lot of accounting options. With the use of this app, you can access your accounting payroll remotely and manage it at any point in time.

  9. HelloWallet: This great app also enable you to save money whilst monitor your financial records. Another great thing about HelloWallet is that you can use it to maintain a good financial budget and also help you plan your finances. This app will draft out financial plan for you and it will help you spend wisely. Also, the app will enable you to easily take control of your debt, keep some money in case of emergency and be in charge of all your expenses.

  10. Inventory Tracker: People that are having a small business and desirous of having a bigger business should make this app a must to have. This app is a great financial app as it will help you track and watch over your inventories. This app will track your sales, credit and expenses for the smooth running of your financial plans. What you only need to do is just install the app and create whilst manage an inventory databases; therein you will be able to scan the barcodes and properly manage your business.

Other money saving apps that you can check out includes:

  • Aspiration Save & Spend account
  • Acorns
  • Qapital
  • Every Dollar
  • MoneyStrands
  • Spendee and many more


Just as we have discussed above, money saving apps are apps that can assist individuals in having a better financial plans and helps to manage expenses. You can choose any of the listed apps and have a great experience.


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