How You Can Get Paid To Take Pictures & Online Sites That Pay


How You Can Get Paid To Take Pictures & Online Sites That Pay

Not only a professional can make money by taking pictures, you can also do it without being a professional photographer and get paid. This means you can actually sell photos online and earn cash. In fact, with the use of your Smartphone you can perform this task efficiently.

There are countless websites and apps that offer such services and make it easy and legitimate for you to earn money. In a nutshell, people make money through selling of pictures online and it can be done with the use of mobile devices and better cameras. If your hobby is to take pictures, you can actually make money through such desire.

Are you willing to take pictures and sell it online as a means of making money? Keep reading this article has it covers what you need to know about how you can make money by selling pictures online and also the websites that can pay you. You won’t make thousands of dollars through this process at a go but you will definitely be able to get some cash that can aid your financial expenses in one way or the other.

How Can You Make Money By Selling Your Pictures?

It is very possible for you to take and sell pictures online. You don’t really need to be among the professional photographer before you can do this task so far you possess a Smartphone and a decent eye. You can just use your device to take pictures of different things or nature such as animals, events or people and sell them to the appropriate people that want it. There are numerous companies and people that are willing to have the pictures for one purpose or another. They are always interested to pay people that get them quality pictures they desire. When you take those pictures, you can therefore sell it to them directly and get paid; this means you are selling your pictures as art.

Also, you can choose to work directly with stock photography websites whereby you license your pictures to them and other related companies. By doing this, you might not be paid immediately but can keep getting paid for a long time to come. This process works in such a way that you will be paid as people buy the pictures from the websites. You will be entitled to commission depending on the stock company you are working with.

Other Ways to Make Money for Your Pictures:

Meanwhile, there are other possible ways that can earn you money by selling pictures and one of them is when you sell your personal pictures to interested clients such as business owners or companies. This is now common that people now easily make money through selling of their personal pictures to others including selfies. Regardless of your look, it is possible for you to make money through taking pictures and selling it out to people that will pay you for your efforts. It is amazing that there are a lot of people out there that would love to pay you for people and this is a good sign for you not to lose such opportunity as a side hustle. Meanwhile, it is not only by taking your personal pictures or natures that can earn you money. You can also start earning money by taking pictures of things around you such as places and areas around you.

Websites & Apps That Pay You for Taking Pictures:

Selling pictures is a good way to earn money and with the advancement of technology, you can easily perform this task efficiently without being a professional. There are many websites and phone apps that can ease this task for you and make it possible for you to earn money. You only need to give out pictures that are high quality and standard and they will help you to get the right people that will buy it. Some of these apps and online sites usually spend money just to enable that there are customers that would buy pictures online through them. Some of the apps and websites that can get you paid for selling pictures online include:

  1. Ibotta: When you desire to sell pictures online and get money, this app is there to ease your process. This app is mainly known as a cash back app that mainly focused on grocery shopping. When you open your personal account with this app, you are directly accessible to deals and coupons at different shopping stores that are participating on the app. After that, you will need to select the deals you want and then redeem them by taking pictures of your receipt to get cash back on everyday items.

  2. Fotolia: This is a great stock photography online site that allows you to sell pictures and earn money. Fotolia is mainly owned by Adobe and it is integrated into different Adobe’s programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign which shows that there are people that will be willing to buy your pictures through those programs. Through this online site, you will be able to receive up to 20-46% commission on the pictures you sell out. However, this site usually encourages people to review the images of top selling artists to get ideas for photos.

  3. iStockPhoto: This is another stock photography website that allows you to upload your pictures and get paid. You will be able to receive a commission from this site around 15-45%. However, this site usually have a pretty stringent vetting before you can be selected which means you need to make sure your pictures are of high quality and standard. This is because the company is passionate of having top photos submitted to their website. The photos you uploaded usually dictate how much you will receive but their pay is ranges $1-$20.

  4. Foap: This is another mobile app that gives you the opportunity to sell pictures from your mobile device to companies with wide range of users. This app will enable you to keep half of the money you realized when your pictures are being sold and it allows you to focus on their mission. This means this app will usually remind you about what the company is anticipating so that you can know the nature of the photos you will submit for consideration. You will be paid well when your pictures you upload were picked.

  5. Pay Your Selfie: As the name implies, this app is very great in letting you get paid for uploading your personal pictures or for doing different fun things. When you post those entertaining selfies and fun things, you will be compensated as there are many companies that will use those pictures to connect you with advertisers so that your needs will be understood. In line with the action you did in the pictures and where you took it, you will receive coupons for discounts by advertisers regularly. This means Pay Your Selfie allows you to take and post any fun pictures or entertaining selfies about what you are doing or where you are. For example, you might choose to take a selfie of the tourist location you always love to visit or you take a picture of your favorite meal at a particular restaurant. Also, you can even take a selfie of you sitting on your couch in your personal apartment or anything you are comfortable doing.

  6. miPic: If you wondering on the easiest way to sell photos online, come down to miPic and your request is granted. This app makes your process of earning money through selling pictures easily as you will only need to take those pictures and post them to your gallery on your mobile devices. The app team will surely handle every other thing that is necessary for you. They will scrutinize those photos and check the resolution on your photos; you will be showed the products that would print well. They will also take care of promotions, printing, shipping and other necessary process. When you pictures sell, the miPic team would earn up to 20% commission.

  7. Instaprints: This is a great online site that allows you to upload your Instagram photos and receive money for it. Incredibly, this is one of the ways most people used to earn money for their posts on Instagram. You only need to link your Instagram profile with your Instaprints account and you will start to get money anytime you sell your photos on the Instaprints medium. When you set your own rate, Instaprints will take over the shipping and printings to customers. You can earn from $5 to $50 for selling pictures of yourself on Instagram and even more in some cases. You can also sell photos in different forms such as phone cases, greeting cards, posters, canvas prints and many more.

  8. Shutterstock: Shutterstock is another amazing online platform that gives you the opportunity to get paid for selling your pictures. You only need to do few things to start earning from them which include: create those pictures or videos you want to sell which must be of high quality then submit them using their easy-to-use platform after which you will be paid anytime people downloads your pictures or videos. This site also designed a mobile app that you can use to ease the process. Aside that you will be able to upload your desired pictures, this site will also enable you to have a look at how your photos are doing in the marketplace.


Whether you are a professional photographer or not, it is very possible for you to earn money by taking and selling pictures, this article just proved that. The sites and apps listed above are just among the genuine ones that will get you paid for taking and uploading photos of yourself or other images. The fact is that you might be paid directly by that website or earns commission when you sell your photos through the marketplaces of most of these platforms. Anyhow you want to operate; it is your time to start making money through taking pictures and selling them online.


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