Shocking: this is what Victoria Beckham eats for radiant skin


Victoria owes her radiant skin to a special eating habit

When secrets are revealed about the beauty habits of celebrities, we are first in line. Whether it is an expensive cream – which we could probably never afford – or a specific eating regimen, we just want to know where that radiant skin comes from and how we can achieve the same results. Victoria Beckham recently shared her special beauty secrets based on her own beauty line Victoria Beckham Beauty. We were shocked!

Victoria eats four (4!) avocados a day.

Radiant skin

To get a radiant skin, the former Spice Girl eats three to four avocados a day. Mrs. Beckham herself shared this secret during an interview with The Telegraph. Why eat this many avocados? To get enough healthy fats. According to Victoria, this is essential to having radiant skin. “I have had to look for the right way to get radiant skin. For me, it’s enough to eat healthy fats.”

As fresh as possible

According to Victoria, it is not important to look as young as possible. Looking as fresh as possible is more important. “For me, it’s about looking as good as possible, not looking younger. No one is perfect, certainly not me,” she said in the interview.


Did you run straight to the supermarket to score a bunch of avocados? We know, we all want perfect skin like Victoria. However, there is a lot of criticism about her avocado eating habits. Those green veggies – of which Victoria eats three or four a day – are not very good for the environment. According to the Netherlands Nutrition Center, 35 oz of avocados need up to two thousand liters of water to grow. And that doesn’t quite match up with Victoria’s beauty line’s purported focus on sustainability.

Clothing line

Victoria isn’t only concerned about her skin. The fashionable former Spice Girl is also focused on her entire appearance. In fact, she has her own clothing line. At first, the wife of David Beckham was not taken seriously, but her fashion line has surpassed any doubts about its longevity, having been around for 11 years now. And with success! Her designs are very popular, and Victoria is regarded as a good fashion designer. Apparently, this was just what she wanted, what she ‘really, really’ wanted, all this time.

Source: AD | Image: Videostill