Ever tried Washing Your Hair with Coca-Cola? See What People Are Saying


You might be wondering the important benefit of washing hairs with coca-cola, it is certainly worth trying. The trick is infectious! People usually think the essence of coca-cola is just only for drinking, it is not so. There are other benefits that can be derived with the use of coca-cola.

In a report by US Weekly, a model and insurgent actress Suki Waterhouse revealed how she got perfect waves and good hair by saying that she usually rinses her hair with coca-cola. She further stated that the drink make her hair to tousle.

Coca-cola possesses phosphorous acid that is very low in pH. Therefore, applying it to the hair will tighten the cuticle and make the strands look smoother so also the curls look more defined. This clearly shows that washing hairs with coca-cola can actually perform wonders.

Here is what some women are saying about washing hair with coca-cola:

  1. Liz:

Hair before: Her hair is naturally wavy that she usually looks for happy medium between voluminous and flat.

Hair after: One of her hair side had too much texture and it is linked to putting too much coke on the side. She realized her hair was shiny and the soda was cold. She recommends the drink for people that are having natural straight and frizz-free hair that are not having any issue with natural texture.

  1. Jelani:

Hair before: She has fine, curly and natural hair that is typically liable to breakage. Her hair is thin and she therefore need hair product that will help her give it a boost.

Hair after: With the use of coca-cola to wash her hair, she realized her hair is becoming thick and it appears she has grown more hair. There is so much texture to her hair.

  1. Thalia:

Hair before: Her hair is very long, wavy and voluminous.

Hair after: At her first action of pouring coke on her hair, she expects her hair to feel sticky and stiff. Also, her hair didn’t feel as soft as it usually does anytime she use regular shampoo and air conditioner but the coke made her hair to look pretty smooth and had a bit volume to the hair. She realized her hair shine more and didn’t have any bad smell.