Why Pregnant Women Should Avoid Artificial Sugars According To Scientists


There are different reasons why pregnant women are enjoined to avoid taking artificial sweeteners. Literally, artificial sweeteners are food additives that usually taste like sugar although they consist of low or few amounts of calories. Most people that produce sweeteners usually get it from two processes which is either chemical processing or through extraction from plants. It is from this scope they will be able to get sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, erythritol and xylitol from natural sugars.

Some of the well known artificial sweeteners in the market are cyclamate, stevia, sucralose, acesulfame-potassium, aspartame, sugar alcohols and saccharin. All these sweeteners are acknowledged to have their advantages and disadvantages. Meanwhile, it is usually advisable for pregnant women to desist from taking artificial sweeteners most especially acesulfame-potassium and sucralose that has been implicated in pregnancy complications.

Meanwhile, we would be discussing what you can also benefit from artificial sweeteners and why you should desist from consuming it.

Important Benefits of Artificial Sweeteners

  • Weight loss: Since artificial sweeteners doesn’t have much or even zero calories. It is a good way for people that are interested in weight reduction. It is on record that a teaspoon of table sugar consists of about 16calories whereby an average soda could contain almost 200. That simply implies that anyone that take a soft drink in a day, it will amount to about 1400 calories intake for a week. This is obviously close to half a pound of fat. Isn’t it healthier to consume artificial sweeteners that are less in calories amount? Indeed, it is a great way to reduce weight.
  • Risk of diabetes: It is on record that artificial sweeteners don’t increase the blood sugar levels due to the fact that they contain zero carbohydrates. Truly, some certain types of artificial sweeteners could be beneficial to those with diabetes. However, it is appropriate for diabetics to consult their physician before taking any artificial sweeteners. It is because some of the varieties contain little amounts of carbohydrates and sugar.
  • Dental care: It is only when you consume too much of sugar that your mouth start to ferment it which could cause bacteria that will lead to cavities. This process will then lead to acid which would further wear down enamel. But in a case whereby you consume artificial sweeteners, there won’t be any reaction with microbes. This shows that artificial sweeteners don’t become acidic and it can’t be lead to tooth decay. Therefore, you can have good dental experience with artificial sweeteners.

Health Concerns

  • Increment in appetite: It is noticed that artificial sweeteners are usually sweeter than sugar and since it is sweeter, you will always have increment in craving for more because you won’t be satisfied since they hardly contain calories or carbohydrates.
  • Altered gut microbiome: It is very imperative in the wellness community to have gut health. The microscopic bugs usually influence every aspect of the health. Meanwhile, it has been on record that artificial sweeteners can affect the microbiome negatively because it will kill off some certain species of bacteria that are beneficial to the health. Also, people that are consuming artificial sweeteners usually experience gut microbiome changes that is associated to blood glucose dysregulation.