7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Drinking Soda


In recent times, there has been increase in several health problems and people have begun to wonder what actually caused them in the first place. Could it be as a result of stress? Poor diet or lack of exercise? Is it mental exhaustion? All of these factors are very active in the declination of human health, but the increased consumption of sugar could arguably be one of the biggest causes.

Companies decided to add sugar to virtually everything they produce just to ensure that the products taste better. If you carefully study the label on products from dressings to sauces to even some canned vegetables, it is possible to see sugar listed as one of the ingredients used. The use of sugar makes the product more addictive; therefore, people will continue to purchase it.    

There is a particular product, though that contains so much sugar that seems almost criminal to sell it to people. Soda is what we have been drinking since it first came to the market in 1885, when a pharmacist called Charles Alderton produced what we know today as Dr. Pepper. Believe it or otherwise, soda was originally invented as a medicine to cure ailments such as ingestion, impotence, headaches, and even psychiatric disorders. Meanwhile, the industry has taken a dark turn and is, otherwise, doing the opposite of curing people.

According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; here is some of the health problems associated with drinking soda regularly

·        In a research study, people who consume 1 to 2 cans or more of soft drinks per day have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who have them infrequently. The risk can increase even more in young adults and Asians.

·        A study that followed 40,000 men for twenty years found that those who averaged one sugary beverage a day had a 20% higher risk of having or dying from a heart attack than men who consumed them infrequently. In a similar study, women showed similar results.

·        A 22-year study of 80,000 women found that people who had one sugary drink per day had a 75% higher risk of developing gout than women who didn’t drink soft drinks often. The results were also similar in men.

It is pertinent to note that the health risks listed above just scratch the surface of what soft drinks can do to your brain and body. Our bodies aren’t actually designed to process so much sugar at once. It places great stain on our liver, stomach, and other organs. Therefore, we have decided to come up with the health benefits of giving up on sugary beverages.

Here is how you benefit from giving up soda:

·        Your Heart Health Will Improve: In a 2012 Harvard University study, it was found that consumption of sugary drinks increased a person’s risk of developing chronic heart disease. Another 2011 study found that sugary beverages increase blood pressure, which rises the more you drink. Reducing soda consumption by just one drink per day can result in improvements in blood pressure and heart health.

·        You will have a brighter smile: You can have stained teeth and other dental problems due to drinking of soda often. In some cases, drinking a lot of soda can corrode your teeth as much as doing meth, in a 2013 study. According to the study, researchers found that a woman who drank two liters of diet soda per day for three to five years had similar tooth erosion as methamphetamine and crack cocaine addict. Staying away from soda can help you have a whiter smile and improve your oral health.

·        You will have a healthier bladder: Since soda is diuretic, which implies that it enable you to pee more urgently and often. It can also result to bladder infections and irritation. You should rather consider drinking water instead of soda to have a better bladder health and aid in detoxifying the body.