Scientist Explains 10 Anti-Aging Foods for Younger Looking Skin


The skin will definitely come to age as the skin cells begin to breakdown when you grow older. The first signs of aging usually appear when someone is in their mid-twenties. Although, it is clearly not possible to draw back the aging process, it is easy to slow it down and ensure the skin look young for a good period of time. Meanwhile, you should note that maintaining beautiful and glowing skin starts with the foods you are consuming.

The best anti-aging foods contain a lot of nutrients, antioxidants, water and healthy fats and according to researchers, eating fruits as well as vegetables is the best method that you can use to get rid of pale pigmentation and lines on your skin. On this note, we have come out with some best anti-aging foods which will make your skin look younger and glowing according to scientists.


1.     Watercress: There are several nutrients in this vegetable that will do a lot of good to your skin. The green vegetable is a significant source for potassium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese and vitamins B-1, A, C, B-2, and K. The vegetable can serve as an antiseptic to your internal skin. Therefore, watercress aids in increasing the circulation and the delivery of minerals in the different cells of your body. As a result, your skin will become oxygenated significantly. In addition, vitamin A and C in watercress can help you neutralize any harmful free radicals in your body.

2.     Red Bell Pepper: This is another example of anti-aging foods filled with antioxidants. It is pertinent to note that antioxidants are a powerful ingredient in fighting aging. Red bell pepper also contains reasonable amounts of vitamin C and strong antioxidants are known as carotenoids. Vitamin C assists in generating collagen. Also, the carotenoids are responsible for the orange, red, and yellow colors that act as plant pigments in fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids also possess anti-inflammatory properties that guard the skin from environmental toxins, sun damage, and pollution.    

3.     Pomegranate Seeds: This is one of the best anti-aging foods with several health benefits. Pomegranate seeds have been used for several treatments over the centuries. It is because it contains high amount of vitamin C contents and a variation of powerful antioxidants. This implies that pomegranate seeds can reduce inflammation in the body and protect the skin from harmful free radicals.

4.     Spinach: Spinach is filled with antioxidants and it oxygenates the body and replenishes it in process. Therefore, this makes it super hydrating to the entire body. It is packed with high concentrations of vitamin C which enhances the generation of collagen. The collagen maintains skin’s firmness and smoothness. It is also rich in lutein, magnesium, plant-based heme iron, vitamins A, E, C, and K. These vitamins promote shiny, healthy hair, and even reduce inflammation in cells.

5.     Blueberries: This anti-aging food contains a lot of vitamin A and C. It also possesses the age-defying antioxidant known as anthocyanin which is responsible for the deep blue color of the berries. The antioxidant is capable of protecting the skin from damage which can be caused by stress, pollution, and the sun. It is therefore advisable to eat this fruit during the morning time with fruits or a smoothie to have a beautiful skin.