How to write a thank You Letter for Scholarships. Very Important


If you are benefiting from a grant or scholarship, it is very important that you write a thank you letter to the donors. Not only will they appreciate your gratitude, but they will also be able to see how their donation has been used to create something good.

Every thank you note they receive comes as a huge encouragement, helps them see the value in what they are doing, and the effect it has on the lives of young minds of the future.

Below is a guide on how to write thank you notes to the sponsors of your scholarship:

  • You can choose to send handwritten or typed letter, If your preference is a handwritten letter, then write it on a card or a piece of stationary.
  • Also, make sure that your handwriting is clear, while you keep the later brief. A couple of paragraphs will do. Of course, don’t just send in the letter as soon as you have completed it. Write the first draft, and then work toward improving it.
  • When it comes to typed letters, make sure that they are just a few paragraphs long. You should also remember to sign your own name on the letter.
  • Whether you chose to write by hand, or you choose to type, be careful that your letter is free of any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or stylistic errors.
  • To ensure that you don’t leave any Ts uncrossed it is advised that you have your letter checked out by someone else because sometimes it is difficult to spot your own mistakes.
  • As far as addressing the donor inside the letter is concerned, always start with “Dear [Scholarship Name] Donor.”
  • Your thank you letter should be put inside an envelope.
  • In case you are not sending it by mail, but dropping it off personally, make sure to label the envelope with “[Scholarship Name] Thank You Letter.” In case you want to deliver the note personally, make sure to look up the school’s scholarship or student services office and drop it off there.

Some colleges allow for thank you letters to be sent by email, but if possible, sending them by mail is the preferred method.

Sample Letter

To get a better idea of what a Scholarship Thank You later is, we have provided an example of a scholarship thank you letter,

[Scholarship Name] Donor

[Scholarship Office at Your University]

[Address of Your University]

Dear [Scholarship Name] Donor,

State the reason why you are sending this letter in the opening sentence.

Being a recipient of the [School Year] [Scholarship Name], I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for providing me with this scholarship.

Mention a few things about yourself, mention where you are in life right now, and also express youb goals, keep it relevant and brief, this would help them realize how positively the scholarship program has impacted your life.

Currently, I am a senior majoring in electronic engineering at the [Name of Your University], preparing for my graduation. After completing my studies, I aspire to become an electronic engineer for a reputable company. I also contribute as a writer for the IT section of the local paper, and until recently, I have also worked 20 hours a week to support my studies. This scholarship will allow me to dedicate more time to my studies, and get my degree as soon as possible.

Express your gratitude one more time.

Thank you again for your donation and for seeing the potential in students like myself. It is my hope that I will be able to follow in your footsteps, and give back to others in the same way.


[Your Signature]

[Your Name]

[Your University]

As you can see, writing a thank you note is not difficult and a little thanks can go a long way for you and others to come.


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