Finding that balance between Academic studies and Social life


Finding the right balance between study and social life seems to be one of the most difficult aspects of studying in the university. Managing your time properly will allow you to get the most out of your studies in the United States by paying attention to academics as needed, as well as providing breaks to refresh and rejuvenate with new friends. Balancing work and play is also a valuable skill you will need long after you graduate. Here are some useful tips for a successful year:


The main reason students are in college  is to get a degree. But then most often, students become addicted to creating social life and fun because they forget that school should always come first. It is important that the student remember to always devote time to lessons and homework and not letting their social life come into conflict with this.

   Sleep schedule

Clearly, many students don’t get enough sleep. Try as much as you can to escape this category, or you will suffer both academically and socially. If you plan being successful both ways, get as much sleep as possible especially at night. You will be able to manage your busy schedule and make smarter decisions when you are well rested.

Saying No is ok

More difficult than saying no is you as an international student, trying to find a job at your new university. It’s essential to make time in your schedule to go out or attend events with new friends, but don’t start feel guilty for turning down an invitation to leave if you just need a break or more. time to study.

   Plan your social time

Plan public time in balance with school. Let people know when you can go out and have fun, then allow yourself to forget the term and forget about it during the conversation. If there is a party or event during your class time, try not to make exceptions. There will be other times when it doesn’t conflict with your schedule. You can also schedule time to socialize on weekend evenings when you know you won’t be having tests or classes.

   Stay Proactive

Being proactive has really helped a lot of students maintain a balance between school and social life. As a student, when you receives homework, be encouraged to start doing it immediately! This will help you get the job done early and allow you to do whatever you want later. In addition, it helps you to get a higher score on the assignment because the material will be fresh in your memory. This will relieve stress for you as you will not feel rushed or rushed by time constraints.

   Set an alarm

Gratefully, your mobile comes with a computerized alarm which can help keep you on track, even with a busy schedule. I mean, it is very easy to lose track of time when chatting with friends. An alarm clock can alert you when it’s time to take a break in communication and go to study or complete an assignment. Watch out for friends who understand and do not get offended, they are the good ones.


When a student has an organized list of all their class assignments and deadlines for them, they’re more likely to complete those assignments and less likely to let social events derail them. On the contrary, if a student did not systematically keep a record of all his homework assignments in class, he could easily forget it and instead go out with his friends. Getting a weekly planner to write down everything you need to do per time can go a long way to keep you organized.

The techniques we exposed on balancing your social time with study time will help you for the rest of your life. Hard work has its place, but socializing with friends is important for emotional and mental health. Consider the time you spend now learning this balancing act as an investment for a happier tomorrow.


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