Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School in Germany 2021/2022


Good news! Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School is presently open. The Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School is available to prospective scholars with an outstandingly strong master’s degree (or equivalent) in economics, law, political science, sociology, public administration, Management, or associated fields. The program begins at the start of September every year with a group of about 10 PhD scholars.

Application Deadline: 31st January 2021

Applicants are usually notified within two months after submitting their application.

Eligible Countries: International countries

To be taken at (country): Germany

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Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School Award: With a PhD attained in Doctoral Program in Governance, scholars are at the cutting edge of social science knowledge in a field that has appeared as one of the most essential and dynamic fields of inquiry. It comprises of viewpoints from economics, political science, law, and sociology, and requires excellence in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. It is problem-oriented, both in a theoretical and practical sense. Principally, the field of governance is basically comparative, international, and policy-oriented.

Type: PhD

Eligibility for Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School

  • The doctoral program is made for scholars with a ambition to understand fundamental problems and patterns of governance at the highest level of academic research.
  • Scholars who are interested should possess a very solid background in one of the disciplines represented at the Hertie School of Governance – economics, law, political science, sociology and public administration/management and associated fields.
  • Applicants should be open to interdisciplinary research and comparative perspectives, as governance and public policy issues typically transcend the boundaries of academic fields.

Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School – Selection Criteria

Application submissions that successfully excelled the first phase will be evaluated by two internal reviewers. They identify possible dissertation advisors (based on the applicant’s proposition) and evaluate the different elements of the application which are:

  • Quality and fit of research proposal
  • Academic performance and references
  • CV and motivation letter

Number of Awards: 10

Benefits of Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School

  • The Hertie School of Governance does not charge tuition fees for its doctoral programs, but strives to make sure that all enrolled applicants have secured the financial means to support the three-year doctoral program in Berlin. It hence offers 10 living cost stipends of1,250 euros each month (including 100 euros for research and travelling) for a period of three years.
  • Support is provided in administrative issues such as visa, residence permits, health insurance, etc by The Student Affairs team (studentaffairs[at]hertie-school[dot]org).

Duration of Program: 3-year, English-language doctoral program (180 ECTS)

Doctoral education at the Hertie School is organized as a structured program. During the course of the first year, PhD researchers get ready for their research and thesis writing with dedicated methods, research design and skills seminars. During the course of the following years an increasing amount of time is allocated to independent work on the thesis.

The school was established in 2004 by the Hertie Foundation, which still stands its major funder. The Hertie School is recognized and endorsed by the state and the German Science Council.

How to Apply for Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School

  • Apply now
  • Before applying, applicant should please ensure to check the list of potential supervisors to make certain that their intended research project is in connected to the areas of research represented by the Hertie School’s faculty. Since the Hertie School is presently in the course of hiring new professors, it is recommended that applicants check the list on a regular basis between September and January. Interested students should not contact potential supervisors before their application.
  • It is imperative to go through ALL Application requirements before applying
  • GOODLUCK as you apply for Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School!

Visit Programme Webpage for Details on Doctoral Program in Governance at Hertie School.

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