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There are simple steps on how you can just make your Airpods Enunciate Calls and Names of Callers coming up in your phone. This is just one of the best features brought to you by Apple, I can’t stop having enough of apple products.

Airpods Enunciate Calls

As surprised as this might sound to so many people, I am not all that surprised at all because apple is simply the best so far.

Apple life is an easy life, enjoying apple products keeps me re-born always in the technological world. I love introducing the range of apple products and what they an really offer to the public at large.

However, Permit me to say that the best phones round the world is Apple , samsung and other phones. Please don’t get it twisted, your phone is also good and performs your task just like them.

Airpods And Me

Apple product offers you good quality gadgets with lots of genuine features that iPhone users can easily make use of.

This feature of apple airpods calling out the callers name is very sweet. imagine if you are really busy with something like exercise and you don’t want to pick your calls, you can actually answer them directly while performing your task.

Once the phone rings and calls out the name of the person you want, then every other thing becomes history. I hope I made a good point with that illustration.

Still on the matter, apple introducing the “announce call feature in airpods” is amazing. This features does its work perfectly through the earbuds if they are in line to the iPhone.

Many iPhone users do not now how to activate this feature, so many does not even know that it exist. Do not worry, this post will get you informed and not deformed on the basics of airpod task layouts.

Therefore, get your iPhone ready and read this post carefully so that you will perform exactly what you wish for.

Why And How To Make Your AirPods Enunciate Calls And Names Of Callers

Yes , this feature only works for now for iPhone users and so if you have it then you an try it out with your latest airpods.

However, some may think iPhone does not have this feature whereby you can the phone and it enunciate the callers name. Please, you have to know that iPhone already have this feature in their phones for a very long time and history of their existence.

The apple world only incorporate this feature to the airpods so that everything will be more connected and official. That is to say that the airpods (earbuds) now comes along with this in-built feature and making them one of the best.

Also, further illustration is that when driving you might not like to remove your phone from the pocket to answer calls.

If you are an iPhone user, then this issue becomes a past tense. This airpods earbuds feature for calls comes in a way that you an accept or reject calls, is only your choice.

Steps On How To Make Your AirPods Enunciate Calls And Names Of Callers

Read it carefully and practice them to start enjoying the amazing features. Mine is already working for me.

  • Firstly, you have to be an iPhone user and you have the latest airpods.
  • Then, you have to Pair your Apple AirPods with the your matched iPhone model.
  • Next step is to go to the settings in your iPhone.
  • If you are there, Scroll down gently and tap the Phone to change the settings affiliated to the Phone app and call settings.
  • The phone will display in new window options to change or modify.
  • Then, click on“Announce Calls.”
  • Finally, please make sure that Announce Calls feature is set to never. You can now choose “Headphones Only” and click absolutely.

What Happens Next?

If you have completed this task very well, especially the last step on choosing to run the Announce Calls feature through headphones only.

Then testing it, you will listen to the caller name announcer through your AirPods carefully placed in your ear. However, your iPhone loudspeaker will now be on default to Caller Ringtone instead of caller name announcer check.

The customize feature that shows “Headphones & Car” in iPhone is applicable when you use Apple CarPlay. Having gotten this, is your choice to enable this feature so that when you drive you will be able to answer calls.

In addition to that, you an actually double tap or click on the airpod to accept or reject the calls ringing at that moment.

However, this caller name feature will be very effective if you are not close to your iPhone. Lets say you are In the living room and your phone is inside your room. You can answer the call smoothly because you can hear out the caller name and ringing tone.


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