Swedish Institute Scholarship (2021-2022) For international Students


The Swedish Institute Scholarship is one of the best scholarship you can have as a student to study abroad and get your certificates.

Swedish Institute Scholarship 1

This scholarship is available for you as a student, then the good thing about it is that it’s funds are readily available until you finish your programs in Sweden.

The Set Up Standard About The Swedish Institute Scholarship

Today, the swedish Institute Scholarships program is part of the Swedish government’s international awards scheme.

The main aim of this scholarship is that it helps in developing global leaders who will contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Just like I mention above, this scholarship funds are set up by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden administer by Swedish Institute.

However, the program offers a unique opportunity for future leaders to develop professionally and academically.

In addition to that, it also helps students to experience Swedish society and culture. Also, to build a long-lasting relationship with Sweden and each other.

It is pertinent to note that the Swedish institute scholarship is a special initiative, and in connection with the Binational Commission agreement between Sweden and Africa country.

Many scholars will receive awards as international citizens attending degree and master’s degree studies, which starts up on autumn semester 2021.

Requirements And Criteria

The various programs in the swedish institute are fully covered with the scholarships you receive as you enter the school. master’s studies must be eligible for swedish institute scholarships. We give greatest priority to certain subject areas.

#University Admission And Acceptance- open the banner under to see more information

  • If you have complete documents and approved written test then you will qualify or being eligible for master’s programs starting by 3 April 2021.
  • You must be liable to pay tuition fees to Swedish universities, followed the steps of university admissions you start your program.
  • Therefore, there are also conditions regarding dual citizenship, previous residence and studies in Sweden.
  • As a talented citizen and want to study for a master’s degree in Sweden on a fully-funded scholarship, there are other few steps you need to know.

Priority Will Be Given To Applicants Who:

  1. have completed bachelor’s with honors or equivalent from their country university.
  2. have demonstrated work and leadership experience.
  3. choosing study programs: emphasis is on one of the following subject areas (the list is in alphabetical order, not on priority or ranking):

Benefits Of The Swedish Institute Scholarship

  • Tuition fees: pay directly to the Swedish university.
  • Living expenses of SEK 10,000/month.
  • Travel grant of SEK 15,000.
  • Insurance against illness and accident.
  • Membership of the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL) – a platform to help you as a student grow professionally and build your network and experience while in Sweden.
  • Membership of the SI Alumni Network after your scholarship period – a platform for continued networking and further professional development

#Application Deadline: the deadline for the scholarship is 20 February 2021

Swedish Institute Scholarship Period

The scholarship is for full-time one-year or two-year master’s programs, and is mostly for programs starting in the autumn semester.

However, paying of the tuition fee is directly to the Swedish universities in the beginning of each semester.

In addition to that, the stipend for living expenses is paid monthly during the scholarship period.

Therefore, the scholarship period cannot be changed or extended beyond the awarded scholarship period.

Also, the scholarship must not transfer to a study program other than the awarded master’s program.

To check for more Information:

#Visit and tap on the Official Webpage of the Swedish Institute to apply now and start your studies.


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