5 Important Things You Need as A Student to Study in Finland


Whether you are in the planning stages of coming to study in Finland, or you are already accepted into a post-secondary institution here, it is never too early to start thinking about and checking off the necessities for starting as an international student in Finland.

1. Your passport

An international passport is required to travel around the worldwide. If you do not have an international passport, obtain one in your home nation. If you do have a passport, make sure is not expiry. you cannot travel globally if your international passport expires in six months or less.

A photocopy of your official government identification card, Birth certificate, school results all certified by court is needed. Once you get to Finland, you are responsible for making sure your passport is up to date. If you require to renew your passport while in Finland, you will certainly require going or call your nation’s consulate or consular office.

2. Admission or Acceptance Letter

If you have been admitted or accepted into a designated Finnish University of applied Sciences or Convectional University or post-secondary institution, you will have obtained an admission letter or a letter of acceptance. Admission letter might additionally be called an offer letter. You will be required to offer your letter of acceptance to get a research study permit.

Some admission letters or letters of acceptance are unconditional or with conditional. This implies that they have unique demands that the applicant need to follow before they can start their primary program of study. A common condition is getting IELTS, TOEFL, SAT or GRE as one of the requirements for admission.

3. A Financial Plan and Support

To obtain a study permit, you must produce evidence that you will be able to fund yourself, including both in your tuition costs and additional living costs properly. This is called proof of financial support.

Finland requires all international students to prove minimum funds of six thousand, seven hundred and twenty (6,720 EUR/year, 560 EUR/month) euro per year.

The ways to proof of financial support:

• Proof of a bank account in your name for the past six months.

• proof of bank statement from a sponsor. The sponsor could be your mother, father, uncle aunty.

• A letter and Proof of financial continuity by the sponsors. This is proof of salary in the bank statement or company bank statement (s).

• Proof of funding through scholarship either from home country or Finland-funded educational program.

4. A study permit

Your study permit is the document that allows you to stay in Finland and study. It is different from a other visas, which is the document that allows you to enter Finland. The electronic application fee is 350 EUR, while the paper application fee is 450 EUR.

If you have completed the first three steps of this checklist, you will have the proper documentation to obtain your study permit. To recap, you need:

  • Proof of acceptance, admission, and confirmation letter
  • A completed study permit application form.
  • Proof of identity (passport)
  • Proof of financial support
  • Proof that you paid the processing fee of 450 EUR for paper application and 350 EUR for electronic application.
  • Other documents: All documents indicated and specified on the document checklist by your local visa office must be included in the application.
  • If the attached documents are not in English, Finnish, or Swedish, you will also need official translations of the documents.
  • Booking appointment with Finnish consulate in your country.
  • The processing for the electronic application takes 2-3 months, while the processing for the paper application takes around 3 months.

5. Find accommodation

You will need to have secure accommodation set up for you when you arrive at university in Finland. Finding somewhere affordable and close to your school can be difficult if you have never been to the area before, but there are many ways to reach out for accommodation. You should start planning your accommodation as soon as you have been accepted to university.

To apply for a student apartment, you must be registered as a student in a post-comprehensive educational institution. All undergraduate students can apply for student apartments. Family apartments can be applied for by couples and families if one of the partners is a student.

Main types of accommodation for international students in Finland:

Student housing is available in several forms in Finland, and if your situation changes during your student years you can apply for a different type of housing.

Shared apartment: A good choice for single students, usually shared by 2-4 students. Each tenant has his/her own lockable room, and the kitchen and bathroom are shared. Some have a shared living room. Basic furniture, such as a bed and desk in the tenants´ rooms, is usually included. Kitchens are usually furnished with basic appliances.

Studio apartment: Also good for single students, but more expensive and not always easy to obtain. The number of studio apartments is limited, so you may have to queue.

Group apartment: If you want to live with a group of your friends, you can rent an entire apartment together. In addition to individual bedrooms and the kitchen, most group apartments have a shared living room.

Family apartment: Family apartments usually have 2-3 rooms and a kitchen or kitchenette. These apartments are intended for couples and families with children and are usually located near services such as playgrounds and kindergartens.

Tip: Read more about obtaining a study permit. If you wish to extend your current study permit, visit: https://migri.fi/en/studying-in-finland


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