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Do you want to know how you can carry out Excelsior scholarship program application? Are you interested in the scholarship program available on the platform? Then look no further, as we shall be explaining all you need to know about it in this article.

Here, we shall be looking at what the scholarship is all about. To some folks, it may not be real or it may be a scam, so because of this, we shall be explaining what the program is all about. This will be followed by the eligibility and requirements that must be exhausted before you are granted the scholarship.

Finally, we shall be looking at how you can successfully apply for the scholarship.  The application processes will be enumerated. We shall also be explaining the deadline stipulated for the application period. Other relevant information regarding the Excelsior scholarship program application.

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About Excelsior Scholarship

Before go ahead and look at the Excelsior scholarship program application, let us look at what the scholarship brand is all about. As we know, some of the scholarship schemes seen online these days could be fake or unreal or maybe attempt to scam people. By explaining the body, we can try to let the public have knowledge about their mode of operation.

The scheme, which is popularly known as Excelsior scholarship, allows students to attend a City University of New York (CUNY) or a State University of New York (SUNY) without any form of payment for their tuition. The scheme does this alongside additional help from other financial aid programs for students.

Students within the city of New York have, over the years, greatly benefited from this scholarship scheme. It is no lie that the cost of tertiary education in the country is quite high, and this can make it difficult for students to pay, thereby making some of them take up loans to enable them to pay the tuition fees required of them.

This scheme helps the students with the financial aspect of their education by making provisions for the availability of funds required to pay for your tuition throughout the period of your education. The scheme has been going on for quite some time now, and most graduates who schooled through scholarships benefited from this scheme.

Below, we shall be looking at other aspects of the Excelsior Scholarship program application. These other aspects include the requirements and eligibility procedures for the application of the scheme. It is important that we go through it before we get to how you can successfully apply for the scholarship.

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Excelsior Scholarship eligibility/requirements

Before we go ahead and look at how you can apply for the excelsior scholarship program application, let us quickly look at the various requirements, and what makes one eligible to apply for the scholarship. Despite its publicity, it is obviously not open to everyone. To see who is open to apply, check the requirements below:

  • The applicant must be a resident in New York State (NYS). And, he must have been a resident in the state for a continuous period of 12 months before his application or the beginning of the term.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America (USA) or must be an eligible non-citizen.
  • The applicant must have graduated from High School. Or, he must have a High School equivalency Diploma. Or, he or she must have passed a federally approved Ability to Benefit test, which is defined by the Commissioner of the State education department.
  • He must possess a federally adjusted gross income of at least $125,000 or less.
  • The applicant is pursuing a degree in an undergraduate degree at either a City University of New York (CUNY) or a State University of New York (SUNY) college, as well as community colleges, and also statutory colleges at Cornell University and Alfred University.
  • The applicant has to have selected something like 12 credits for every term and complete somewhere around 30 credits every year (progressively), pertinent toward their certificate program through nonstop examination with no break in enrolment aside from specific reasons that can be archived.


  • If the applicant went to school before the 2021-22 scholastic year, have acquired somewhere around 30 credits every year (progressively), pertinent toward their certificate program preceding applying for an Excelsior Scholarship.
  • The applicant must be in a non-default status on an understudy loan made under any NYS or government instruction credit program or on the reimbursement of any NYS grant;
  • The applicant must be inconsistent with the particulars of the help condition(s) forced by any NYS grant that you have recently gotten; and
  • The applicant must execute a Contract consenting to dwell in NYS for the period of time the honor was gotten, and, whenever utilized during such time, be utilized in NYS

Excelsior Scholarship Program Application

To successfully apply for the Excelsior Scholarship program application, kindly do that by clicking on this link www.excelsior.com. The procedures are less stressful and can be easily completed in record time. You can do this with your smartphone, PC, or desktop. Kindly hurry as the application ends on 8/31/2021.

For further inquiries, kindly reach out to the platform by clicking on this link here. Or, you can contact them through this phone number – 866-312-9449. You can also reach them by sending an email to this email address – excelsior@hesc.ny.gov.

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Hope this tutorial on excelsior scholarship program application was helpful to you in applying for the scholarship? If you have questions, comments, or recommendations please use the comments box below.


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