Swedish Institute Scholarship for International Students 2021 -2022


The Swedish Institute scholarship for international students for 2021 – 2022 affords a lot of opportunities for the applicants. This article will help you to figure out how you can go about the application that would help you secure a spot or get a chance to be one of the lucky applicants that would be selected for the scholarship.

Here, we shall be looking at what the scholarship is all about. To some folks, it may not be real or it may be a scam, so because of this, we shall be explaining what the program is all about. This will be followed by the eligibility and requirements that must be exhausted before you are granted the scholarship.

Finally, we shall be looking at how you can successfully apply for the scholarship. The application processes will be enumerated. We shall also be explaining the deadline stipulated for the application period. Other relevant information regarding the Swedish Institute scholarship for international students for 2021 – 2022.

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About Swedish Institute Scholarship

Like we stated earlier, the Swedish institute scholarship for international students for 2021 – 2022 offers students the rare chance of getting scholarship opportunities for their various courses. However, there are lots of scams out there parading various schemes similar to this. We shall be looking at this scheme to figure out what makes it genuine.

The scheme is part of the policy scheme of the Swedish government’s international awards scheme. The scheme has proven to be quite helpful with allowing students to pursue academic goals while not bothering about the financial obligations required of them.

The scholarship scheme was developed as a means of helping the global community develop global leaders who will help to achieve the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The funds that would be used for the scholarship scheme are set aside by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, and it is administered by the Swedish Institute.

The scheme makes provision for the required program that would help shape the successful applicants into future leaders what would help counter global issues effectively. This is achieved through the development of not just the academic aspect of the student’s tenure in the program, but also their professional capabilities.

Also, since this program is open to international students, it affords you the rare opportunity of getting to know Swedish culture, and perfectly mixing with the people. Through this, it enables Sweden to connect with other countries on both a local and global space respectively.

The scheme, on the other hand, is a special policy that is aimed at bridging Sweden with other countries especially African countries. This is why it exists in connection with the Bi-national Commission agreement that is arranged between Sweden and African countries. For further inquiries, click on https://si.se/en/apply/scholarships/.

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What is the requirement for applying for the Swedish Institute Scholarship?

Swedish Institute Scholarship for International Students 2021 -2022

Another important aspect of the Swedish institute scholarship for international students for 2021 – 2022 is the requirements that the applicants will have to consider before they take steps to apply for the scholarship. It is important that you check this out to ensure that you have what it takes to apply for the scholarship scheme.

  • Applicants must have acquired the complete documents necessary to travel to Sweden, as well as an approved written test.
  • Applicants must be liable to pay for tuition fees to Swedish universities
  • Applicants must have also exhausted the requirements applicable to them if they possess dual citizenship, or have had the previous residency in Sweden, or have studied in Sweden.
  • Before you apply for your Master’s degree in Sweden, ensure that you have completed your bachelor’s degree with honors; you must have shown great demonstration in work and leadership; and, the program must be in the following courses:
    1. Computer Science and I.T
    2. Design (Industrial, Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning)
    3. Engineering
    4. Environmental Technology/Sustainable Development
    5. Gender Studies
    6. Nano Technology
    7. Public Health

The scheme has a lot of benefits that come with it, and we shall be looking at them below:

  • Tuition fee paid directly to a Swedish University
  • SEK 10,000/month for living expenses
  • SEK 15,000 for a travel grant
  • Applicants will enjoy insurance for illness and accidents.
  • Applicants get to become Members of the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL)
  • Applicants get to become Members of the SI Alumni Network After the completion of their program.

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Hope this tutorial on the Swedish institute scholarship for international students for 2021 – 2022 was helpful to you in applying for the scholarship? If you have questions, comments, or recommendations please use the comments box below.


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